Hi Friends:

If you heard the cries of a panicked 9 month old toddler trapped in a locked car . . . if your neighbor was trapped in a fire-engulfed home . . . if you came upon an elderly man whose pickup had stalled on a railroad track in the path of an oncoming train . . . would you intervene? If you were any of these three lives, would you cry for help?

july2012-2Adrian Vasquez, Oropeces Betancourt and Fernando Osario had been helplessly drifting for 14 days aboard the 26 foot Panamanian fishing vessel “Fifty Cents”. At the point of complete dehydration and death, they came close to the path of the 950 foot Grand-Class cruise ship “Princess Star”.

One mile . . . the closest distance between an “all-things-wrong” disaster . . . and an “all-things-right” holiday at sea. At the appearance on the horizon of the most massive white sea vessel ever, Captain Betancourt began frantically waving an orange life jacket, acknowledging the need for immediate rescue.

3,203 sets of eyes . . . three hoping, praying, begging for rescue . . . 2,997 caught up in the luxuries and routine duties of splendor at sea . . . just three ornithologists on the deck of the Star Princess were jarred from staring at scores of seabirds to observing three souls on the verge of certain death. Their horrific discovery was immediately reported to the crew.

When it comes to our spiritual state, God’s Word tell us that we are all from birth very much like the three young fishermen. We set sail relying on our own resources only to discover sooner or later that they have limits. Without seeking and securing rescue, our trust in self-authority will ultimately cost us everything . . . but God has always had our rescue in mind. From Romans 7:24-25 we read,

“What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!

This is David “JB” Miller reminding you that when God looks at you and I, He sees the helpless toddler, the overwhelmed neighbor, the trapped senior . . . yes, even the stranded sailor . . . and He not just being a God who loves, but being the very embodiment of love itself, can do nothing but intervene if we will o
read-iconnly wave a request to heaven for rescue.

When we do . . . He will bring safety, life, yes permanent rescue to our soul . . . in the worst of all . . .

. . . desperation moments.