What is “The 11:Twenty-Five”?
The “11: Twenty-Five” is a weekly recap of all the newest posts at LifeNotes, the Cafe Blog. Why the name “Eleven: Twenty-Five”? Well, first of all, we happen to know that you and scores of blog followers around the
world find our guest bloggers to be highly inspirational and encouraging . . . so encouraging . . . that you will naturally want to refresh-forward the “Eleven: Twenty-Five” to family, friends and colleagues so they too can be encouraged! Not a bad thing when you consider Proverbs 11:25, which states . .
“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.”

What can I share on Life Notes?
Any topic or story about how God is blessing you, changing you, challenging you or showing His love to you is welcome. The goal of the blog is to promote encouragement for the Café community.  If you feel God has placed something on your heart that will be encouraging and uplifting to others, please take a moment to share it with us.

Are comments moderated?
Yes. We want to ensure that everyone can feel free to comment and interact on Life Notes without attack or criticism.  While you are free to hold to your personal convictions, your thoughts shared need to be respectful and uplifting. Know that our entire team of contributors create original content that is Biblically consistent and in accordance with our Statement of Faith.

Will my comments be edited?
No.  All submissions that meet the criteria of being uplifting and based on a Biblical world view will be posted exactly as they are submitted.  We want all to hear your story exactly as you have shared it with us.

Feel free to send any additional questions you have to http://www.lifelettercafe.com/contactus/index.html