6a00d8341c5bb353ef016306938f55970dLife Letter Cafe readers tell us that there is great encouragement in life experiences and insights shared with others. This site is an interactive community  and home to a team of talented bloggers who all have one common goal: to refresh-forward Christ in tangible and practical ways.

We welcome established bloggers who agree with our Cafe “Grounds” (http://www.lifelettercafe.com/statementoffaith.htm)  to be “Guest Bloggers” here at Life Letter Cafe. Guest Bloggers are asked to provide two (2) guest posts per month, though more are certainly welcomed! You are free to submit previously posted content from your own site.


1)  The freedom to place back-links to your own blogs or websites,

2)  A question: Open to a reciprocal opportunity to share blogs from our lead Author, David “JB” Miller on your blog site?

3)  Your biographical information with links to your blog or web site will be included in the “Our Bloggers” page ( We will add your content, connections and photo (if provided),

4.) A  free tool that enables you to write and post in multiple blogs from a single application.   We tested it and it’s really cool!,

5)  The adventure of  assisting and motivating other aspiring Christ-followers and seekers from all around the world.


To engage,  just send us an email and tell us a little about yourself.  We will be in touch with more details about your role as a Life Letter Cafe christian blog contributor.