How long will this take

How long will this take ~~

How long will it take is one of those impatient questions?  It could be a child asking, “How long will take for the cupcakes to be ready? Or How long before we get there?”

Adults at times ask questions for more complex matters in life. “How long will I stop missing my dad? Or How long before I feel better?” Tough questions can also be, “When will I finally be successful? Or Will I ever find love again?”

One of the biggest questions that I get asked during a consultation appointment is “How long will it take to organize _____?” I can usually give an estimate. There are a lot of variables consider such as: the volume of stuff, how long it takes you to make a decision, distractions, etc.

I had a total knee replacement surgery. I knew with my head that recovery would be tough and a lot of pain, but I don’t think it’s something you can really prepare yourself for until you experience it. While I was in my bed recovering, I had an “aha” moment. My old knee needed to be removed and a new one put in, but healing doesn’t happen by simply removing what is bad and putting in something new. There is the pain to push through. All the muscle and tendons must be put back together and then given time to adequately heal. And I couldn’t just sit around dwelling on the pain either. I had to get up and be an active part of my own healing. I needed therapy and a great support system for my knee to heal.

The same was true of my emotional wounds. It wasn’t enough that I was aware of the problem. I had to acknowledge and deal with all those old memories, and then allow the healing to take place as I pushed through the pain. To sweep it under the rug was not going to make it go away.

Whether it is physical or emotional healing, or closet organizing; it is so much easier to have someone standing with you, praying with you to push through the process of becoming uncluttered.”

Lisa Giesler, Published Author, Speaker, Certified Professional Organizer

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Lisa Giesler

Lisa Giesler, Author of Uncluttered: discovering strength and purpose in the chaos of life.

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