Find It Only Here On Friday: A Simple Fix for God-Time Inconsistency

Kelly R. Baker is passionate about motivating believers
to stay spiritually nourished and thriving in their walk with God.
She serves alongside her husband in leading the worship ministry
at their church in Northern Virginia as well as being an author, mentor, and songwriter.
When not keeping her crew of four on the home school and household routine,
you will probably find her sneaking a bite of dark chocolate.
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Kelly is also an inspiring regular contributor (LifeWriter) here at LifeLetter Café
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I learned recently, when you run across someone else
giving a similar message God gave you before you have delivered it to your followers,
share it anyway.
God obviously wants to talk to His people some more about that message.
Don’t let the enemy silence you.

Find It Only Here . .
On Friday
“A Simple Fix for God-Time Inconsistency”
by Kelly R. Baker


Are you a Christian …

that is inconsistent with having God Time every day? It’s almost a quiet little secret. You want to thrive in daily devotions like other Christians seem to—but you’re just stuck.

I can relate.

I accepted Jesus in my heart at the sweet age of five. I grew up a pastor’s kid. I helped run the nursery when I was twelve, and assisted in the children’s church when I wasn’t in the nursery. I sang specials. When I turned 13 they allowed me to join the worship team as a backup singer. There was only one problem:

I didn’t know God.

A few years later I looked at the faces worshipping God from my vantage point on the stage. They seemed to know something I didn’t know; I thought I would learn what it was when I became an adult, since, you know, adults know everything. Evidently, they were experiencing God as a good God. My view of God? I thought,  He is good but scary. I tried to be good, failing at meager attempts and desperate attempts alike. If God is scary, why would I want to be with Him? But I had to be a Christian or I would die in my sins. Apparently, the scary God wasn’t scary after you died—unless you were being sent to the Lake of Fire.

Several years later, after being fed up with God telling me what to do, I took my young adult self to work and told Him my decision. On my break, I looked up at the partly cloudy sky and declared, “I’m not following you anymore, God.” My view of God escalated from scary to terrifying while I experienced life in rebellion against Him.

About six weeks later, God broke me. Not with fire and brimstone—but with love. He spoke to me through a sweet, white-haired woman and opened the eyes of my heart for the first time ever to the profound truth that even if I wasn’t good—He still loved me. Salty tears washed down my cheeks and over my heart, taking the rebellion with them. I discovered I loved Him, too.

We love him, because he first loved us.
1 John 4:19


Daily Endeavor …

When I first started learning to open my heart to Him, I heard the leaders in the Church say that God desires for us to grow spiritually. I figured I needed to, but it wasn’t a priority. The leaders talked about spending time with God daily. I didn’t. Sure, I loved God, but my fleshly desires would roar louder than anything else, and that’s what got my attention most of the time. Most days, I would forget. Yet I saw ladies thriving spiritually. They had the wisdom to deal with problems. I noticed their consistency in walking with God through their actions and conversation. That sparked a desire to progress as a follower of Jesus.

But nothing happened.

My heart broke. What about me, God? Couldn’t I have that, too?

What I didn’t know was God wants for us to be closer than we want to be close to Him.

Then one day, something one of the women said about spending time with God every day to overcome one’s soul and emotions planted a seed in my heart. That’s when I began to deeply desire consistently meeting with Him every day.

I came to know how rewarding it is to spend time with my Creator. I enjoyed learning biblical truths and experiencing His sweet presence. It was better than anything else.

Could this be real?

Yes, a non-scary God is just as real as the nose on my face. I felt complete in Him as my love for Him grew. I eventually hungered for more consistency. I learned that spending time with God each day whet my heart’s appetite for more of Him.

I began to realize my soul couldn’t survive on a spotty diet of the Word any better than I could on a hit-or-miss intake of real food. That stuck with me on days when I would struggle with the temptation to ignore God’s gentle invitation.

Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever.
Psalm 145:2



A Pivotal Memory …

After a few years of meeting with God regularly, I climbed into bed entirely too excited to fall asleep. I couldn’t wait to wake up and follow my newfound early morning routine of seeking God. I affectionately thought of my devotional time with God as my “Daily Time” because I desired to meet with God daily.

The phrase meant a great deal to me, but I was determined for it to be a permanent fixture in my life. It meant surrender—yet satisfaction.

That night the phrase “Daily Time” wouldn’t leave my mind. It took anchor in my heart and became an acronym that holds deeper meaning: Determining Again I Live Yielded. Today I’m Maintaining Evidence.


The Simple Fix …

According to one survey, only 19% of churchgoers spend time reading the Bible daily apart from a church service. Why isn’t that number higher?

Followers of Jesus lack consistency because they haven’t yet established the habit of meeting with Him. The secret is increasing your appetite for the things of God, and that comes with spending time with Him. So building your habit and and building your appetite need to be done in tandem.

I created the Daily Time Challenge to help you build consistency in meeting with God daily.

The Daily Time with God Challenge will help you:

•      End inconsistency in your walk with God that stunts your growth and leaves you withering in guilt.

•      Establish the habit of meeting with God daily by laying both practical and spiritual foundations.

•      Strengthen spiritual disciplines and increase a sturdiness in your spirit to walk in victory.

•      Thrive spiritually as you position yourself daily to receive God’s love and know Him more.

Take the Daily Time Challenge: End the inconsistency. Build the habit.

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Kelly R. Baker

Kelly R. Baker is passionate about helping you seek God daily and thrive. She has created several resources on her website to inspire you to keep moving forward in spiritual growth such as the Daily Time with God Challenge and 40 Days of Daily Bread: Devotionals for Breakthrough. In addition to being a writer, she serves with her husband in leading the worship ministry at their church in northern Virginia. When not keeping her four kids on the homeschool and household routine you will probably find her sneaking a bite (or two) of organic dark chocolate. She would rather be writing or watching chick flicks than shopping any day. Find her at

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