What can I do if I think my testimony is boring? 

I am sure you love hearing personal testimonies of people coming to Christ.  Everyone is different and has its own unique story.  No doubt you have either heard or read stories that were quite dramatic.  This is often because the person came from a life of crime, drug or alcohol addiction.  Sometimes testimonies come from almost the opposite angle where the person was a success in life, business or even sports.

What do you do if you feel a desire to witness but you are concerned that your story just involves you living a good life, growing up in a very well-adjusted, happy family that knew Jesus as Lord?  As far back as you can remember, Jesus has always been a big part of your life and the biggest sin you are aware of, was being cheeky to your parents. I meet many Christians who possess stories which are quite similar.

“Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you.” And he went away, proclaiming throughout the whole city how much Jesus had done for him” Luke 8:39

“It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees” Psalm 119:71

Questions regarding what people consider to be ordinary stories are among the most common I receive when conducting personal evangelism training that involves testimony sharing.  Often people say to me, “I have always known Jesus as Lord, He has always been there for me”.

Key point: Testimony sharing involves using your story, so that you can get to His story

Being witnesses for Christ is not a suggestion but to a commandment that all believers should follow.  “He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”. Mark 16:15

In my experience, most believers have a real desire to be obedient and share the Gospel.  In many cases, they fear rejection, being judged or even being persecuted.  You would probably be surprised to know the number of times Christians tell me they believe their testimony is boring because they have always known Jesus.

A simple way of opening the door for a conversation which involves Jesus is by talking about your own life.  This often involves the sharing of your testimony of salvation in Christ.  It is important to remember that in many cases we need to share our salvation story so that we can get the opportunity to share His story.

If you are concerned that your testimony is ordinary, you can still share the reality of the fact of how Jesus always has always been there for you. Explaining how He never leaves you or forsakes you.

We must remember many people are like you.  They have also had to deal with struggles and challenges in their own lives.  Explaining how Jesus went through difficult periods with you speaks volumes.  Sharing how your faith in Christ enabled to you carry on through your own challenges, personal problems, health situations or others can get people thinking.  In many cases, it leads on to them asking you questions about God.

By doing this, you make yourself vulnerable to people by letting them see the cracks in your life.  Some see vulnerability as a weakness, but the truth is that it is very much a strength.  Letting people know that you are not perfect, and as a result, to get you through the challenges of life, you make the choice to involve Jesus leaning on Him often results in people remarking that they admire the fact that you have a faith,

There are many promises in scripture which relate to trusting the Lord in the face of challenges. Here is just one of many.  “Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken” Psalm 55: 22

On occasion, you may be aware of issues in the life of the person who you are witnessing to.  As we do this, we need to be careful when we share so we don’t come across in a way that is judgmental.  Rather, as we have a dialogue, the love of Jesus is clearly evident and demonstrates that we really care.  I recently heard someone say that sharing begins with caring.  What a wonderful saying.

Letting people know that you are normal when you witness breaks down barriers, because it means we don’t come across as someone who is better than they are,  as well as being almost perfect.  In fact, psychologists tell us that people are naturally drawn to people who are like them. If that is the case, showing our weaknesses is a positive thing.

Set about preparing a couple of short stories which can demonstrate how you came through difficulties with the help of Jesus.  I have said before, people love stories, especially ones that are true.  Perhaps you had to overcome stress and worry, deal with a bereavement, work or financial problems.  The people that we meet go through situations like this every day.  Many struggle with despair and hopelessness not knowing which way to turn.

Using your story to get to His story, could result in a person turning towards Jesus by putting their trust in him.  This can be accomplished by you taking a risk and stepping out in faith to be a witness for Christ.  When you do, you can rely on one thing.  The Holy Spirit will go with you and he will guide you, if you rely on Him.

The fact is, none of us has a boring testimony when you consider what Jesus saved us from.  Be honest, be vulnerable and let people see the similarities between you and them.  The vital difference being that you acknowledged Jesus as your saviour, seeking His help and guidance.  Share your story and involve challenges that we all go through.  Make use of scriptures which relate to your story, explaining what they mean.  Rely on the Holy Spirit and let Him open the person’s heart.

God can use your story. It is powerful.

About the author : Moray McGuffie

Moray McGuffie

I am an evangelist and author hoping to challenge and inspire Christians to share the Gospel through strategies that are simple, effective and above all Biblical. I have written two books, the first of which "A Fall From The Top" covers my journey to faith from being born into a showbiz family where my father was a violent alcoholic. In my teenage years I discovered martial arts and went on to become a professional instructor. Injury led me into the world of financial services where I climbed the corporate ladder only to fall from the top after traumatic period in business. My second book, "One to one witnessing for Christ ... made easy" cover simple and easy strategies that can be used to share the message of the Gospel. All are scripture based and have proven to a great benefit to readers. I travel the UK and internationally, preaching, teaching and sharing my testimony of Gods grace upon my life. He is amazing!

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