7 Questions Sunday: Frank Viola & There Must Be More
LifeLetter Cafe LifeWriter Frank Viola
has helped thousands of Christians to deepen their relationship in Jesus
and experience a more vibrant, authentic expression of His church.
Frank’s blog, Beyond Evangelical, is one of the most popular in Christian circles today,
ranking in the top 10 of all Christian blogs on the Web.
According to his blog, Viola’s mission is to help serious followers of Jesus
know their Lord more deeply so they can experience
real transformation and make a lasting impact.

Frank has written a series of well-read articles called Rethinking
that now have been redrafted and compiled into one
master volume keepsake edition titled There Must Be More. 

Here is a brief overview in Frank’s own words, 

There Must Be More was created for people
who hunger for the deeper things of God,
knowing Christ, and radical church restoration.

This Titan Collectible contains never before printed material,
over 385,000 words of some of my best and most controversial writings
and is something special that can be cherished as a keepsake and souvenir.

So LifeLetter Cafe is excited to share this recent interview with Frank Viola
to dive deeper into the story behind There Must Be More.
Enjoy his answers below in the latest 7 Questions Sunday!

Today’s 7 Questions

LifeLetter Cafe: So you are moving 8 years of unpublished (print format) content, including your Rethinking Series, into one over-sized, hardcover, bound volume of 800 pages. What was the driver behind this project?

Frank Viola: I wanted to give God’s people a robust and hefty keepsake. A rare volume that contains my most valuable writings on Jesus Christ, His kingdom, and the many problems that we Christians face that have never been printed in any of my other books. The book is 800 pages long, with two columns in two colors, with over 380,000 words. The book itself is a hardcover that’s larger than 8.5 x 11- a true Titan. The fact that we are only printing it once and never again makes it a keepsake.

LifeLetter Cafe: Which Frank Viola eBook that is now part of There Must Be More is Frank Viola’s favorite?

Frank Viola: I can’t answer that question because it’s like choosing between children. The video on this page shows the 14 different unpublished books that appear in the Titan. The Titan is on discount until August 20th.

LifeLetter Cafe: How did revisiting past content from such a large span of time encourage your own faith and faith-mission?

Frank Viola: They caused me to revisit the essential aspects of the Lord’s power and mind. I believe the concepts are revolutionary. They are also controversial. So much so that my publishers rejected some of the chapters that appear in the Titan because they’d create too much of a stir. I take dead aim at many assumptions in present-day Christianity throughout the book.




I take dead aim at many assumptions
in present-day Christianity throughout the book.
– Frank Viola –

LifeLetter Cafe: What are your primary goals for There Must Be More? What should readers expect?

Frank Viola: It will show them in living color that there really is more to the Christian faith than what most of us have been taught. The end product is transformation in thinking, being, and practice. Readers will be presented with a fresh view of the Holy Spirit, His work, the baptism of the Spirit, and spiritual gifts that is distinct from what most of us are taught in either charismatic (Pentecostal) or evangelical circles.

And then virtually every other topic is addressed in a fresh way, including God’s view of women in ministry, the meaning of “heresy” in the Bible (an eye-opener), and other hot topics like discipleship, the purpose and practice of the church, leadership, evangelism, Bible study, prayer, etc.

LifeLetter Cafe: One might summarize a great portion of your writing portfolio as a challenge to nominal “Christianity” – what is happening in the 21st Century Church that warms your heart and soul the most?

Frank Viola: I’d adjust that. I’m not really challenging nominal Christianity. I’m rather challenging mainstream, pop-Christianity which I find to be both shallow and largely ineffective. And much of it is unbiblical.

LifeLetter Cafe: Does any of the content repeat any of the chapters in your print books?

Frank Viola: No. Some of the chapters appeared in Frank’s digital books, but those have been out of circulation for years. Every content-based blog post that Frank has written from 2008-2016 are in the book. There are also many chapters that have never been published anywhere before. There’s an entire section where Frank presents a fresh and unique view of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts.

LifeLetter Cafe: How does a person learn more and order this book? And what is the deadline?

Frank Viola: Readers can watch an introductory video (below) and order it here. Or just put ViolaTitan.com in their browser.

There’s a FAQ on that page as well.




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