Who Am I?

There has been much study …

on the role that our identity plays in our lives.  Our personal identity may be one of the most vital pieces for us to experience the fullness of who God made us to become.

We are certainly in an identity crisis in both the natural and spiritual realm. We also know that identity theft is happening in epidemic proportions. Identity protection policies are selling in record numbers as the fear of identity theft is at it’s all time high.

But greater to be concerned are those of us that have allowed our our poor identity to hold us back from God’s intended purpose and perfect design.  We fall prey to establish our identity with the wrong metrics.

We often measure by how much money we make, the job we have, the house we live in, or the car we drive.  These are truly poor measuring standards for a healthy identity.

Why?  Because all these things are subject to change.  We lose our job, the economy shifts, the car gets outdated, and the house trends out of style. If our identity is wrapped up in these things then we are certain to suffer an identity crisis or an identity collapse.

So when this identity crisis occurs we must have something greater to stabilize our life. I have found this in my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  When I found Christ I found my true identity and my destiny.  I also learned that my identity and my destiny were inseparable.

Because when I find my identity I discover my destiny!

Identity is defined as the distinguishing character or personality of a person, the relation established by your psychological and belief system.  By this definition we see that our identity is wrapped up in what we belief about life and yourself.


So we must answer the question:

what is the one foundational thought or reality that defines your life? Are you all wrapped up in your accomplishments, accolades, and material things?  If so, this means that your identification is associated with things that are temporary.

The greatest discovery of my identity was who I am in Christ. My discovery of Christ also made me discover the purpose of my life and the reality of my existence.

I discovered that my identity was hidden in the promises of God and His word.

I realized I could never live out a word that I failed to know. I also learned that God’s word was truth and there was no freedom from a false identity without knowing His word.  You see the truth is if we believe what is not true, then what we feel is not real. Your feelings will always follow your beliefs.

If your beliefs are wrong, your feelings are crippling!


Many of us are trapped behind lies due to a lack of knowledge. These lies create a false identity that keeps us from experiencing the best of God’s intention for our lives.  That is why we must dive into God’s word and let him define us and tell us who we are and what we were designed to accomplish.

Your feelings can never be trusted unless aligned with God’s word. Your God-given destiny will never be realized without your God-given identity being known.




How is God encouraging you today?


About the author : Thomas McDaniels

Thomas McDaniels

Pastor Thomas hosts The Pastors Life Blog at http://www.thomasmcdaniels.com/blog/. He is the Founding and Lead Pastor at LifeBridge Christian Center in Longview, Texas. Pastor Thomas is an author, blogger, and an avid Twitter contributor. You can also connect with him at Twitter at https://twitter.com/ThomasMcDaniels. http://www.thomasmcdaniels.com/blog/

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