Sometimes It Takes More Faith to Stay

Moving cross-country …

is not something I recommend to most newlyweds. The culture shock, relationship strains, and adapting to a new community can take a toll on any couple. But that’s exactly what my husband and I did eleven months after we got married.

Four years later, we did it again. I’m sure some people thought we were crazy. Maybe we were. I remember attending a going- away party for my husband’s boss at six months pregnant and talking to new acquaintance about our situation. I told him our families were over two thousand miles away.

“What are you going to do?” he asked. He had this look of shock on his face like my husband and I had made the worst decision ever.

I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I politely excused myself and went looking for my rock, my calm- Chris. I found him laughing with his boss’s friends and asked him under my breath if he was ready to leave yet.

We survived. That’s what we did. Our faith grew stronger and our marriage did too. And while I would never tell you it was easy, I can say without a doubt that our decisions were God-ordained.

Although it took some time and space to realize it, I can look back and see his hand in each detail, turn and step. I’ve always hated the expression, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” but I do believe God can use the difficult times of our lives to produce character if we seek him in the process.

Moving can also get in your blood. The excitement, the yearning for something new can make you restless, unable to see the blessings in front of you.

It can keep you looking forward when God wants you to take a look around you instead.



A few weeks ago …

we found ourselves there again. In familiar territory. Opportunities are knocking at the door, decisions loom, and we’re asking the old, familiar question, “Should we stay or should we go?”

The answer is still uncertain. We are seeking God and he is saying, “Wait.” I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a good waiter.

But as I wait and make a conscious effort to be still instead of rushing into a life-altering decision, I’m learning. I’m growing, and I’m realizing it isn’t always the huge leaps that make our faith stronger.

It’s staying put. It’s listening. It’s a willingness to be quiet and say, “I don’t have the answer.”

Sometimes staying in the place God has us takes more faith than moving the mountain.

Because staying means believing there’s still work to be done, even when the well appears dry.

Staying means believing God can still breathe life into a seemingly hopeless situation.

Staying means believing God can make all things new, even when our surroundings remain the same.

I may not have an answer yet, but he’s changing me. It’s a beautiful thing, because I’m learning to savor the journey.

As the sun sets and fireflies dance, I’m not worrying about the future. I’m resting in the beauty of today.





How is God encouraging you today?


About the author : Abby McDonald

Abby McDonald

Abby McDonald is the mom of three, a wife and writer whose hope is show readers their identity is found in Christ alone, not the noise of the world.

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