Death Sucks

Death sucks.

A year ago, on this day, at this time, my oldest child only had hours left to live. That’s been on my mind all day. The last day-her last day. If I knew then what I know now, I could’ve warned her. Instead of her artwork hanging on the walls of my home, they could be hanging in a chic gallery in Houston. Instead of her remains sitting in a box, she could be sitting here with me. I could hear her contagious laughter, and join in laughing with her, until happy joyful tears spilled down our faces. Death sucks.

In one brutal moment her live ended and our lives were changed forever. Everyone who loved her has felt her loss deeply. One of the worst things is that there is nothing I can say to help the ones I love, because there are no words that make it all better. Death sucks.

Until someone you love dies, you feel safe, like life will always go on. That’s an illusion. Death teaches us the truth-we’re extremely fragile, and that knowledge is cold and fearful. Death sucks.

God’s original design for us didn’t include death. I’m sure you know the story about the forbidden fruit, the serpent and the Garden. I’ve been wondering today how Adam and Eve felt when their son became death’s first victim?

Death is so wrong and unnatural that the first response is to reject it. Until it touches someone you love, you don’t get that. It’s just academic truth until then.

Ironically, Jesus conquered death by dying. Over and over, Jesus showed people His power and His love. He healed the sick, cured the blind, forgave sinners, and raised the dead. In one final perfect act, He proved Himself to be the promised Messiah by rising from the dead.

On that day, death lost its sting for all who will trust Jesus.

Death was defeated and the stone that imprisoned Jesus in the tomb was rolled away. Because my daughter trusted Jesus’ finished work on the cross to make her right with God, death was defeated for her, too.

Jesus never left her alone.

I cling to that truth. Not for one minute since she placed chubby toddler hands together to ask Him to “fo-give” her and thanked Him for the cross was she ever separated from Jesus, not even in her last minutes on this earth. Not even now.

That precious truth rises up beside my intense grief like a mighty wave of victorious love, reassuring my heart. Death sucks, but it cannot suck up the life and love, and all of the promises, I have in Jesus. I have hope. He is my hope.


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Dawn Morris

By God's grace, I am a believer in Jesus Christ, the wife of a man of integrity, mother of five children, and a student, who still has many lessons to learn, from the very best Teacher of all. Writing is a passion God has given me, and I love sharing what I've learned both as an author in my fiction series, and as a freelance writer.

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