Becoming a Flesh Fighter

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How am I becoming a flesh fighter?

I was driving home from a women’s Bible study, having a glory moment in the car as I listened to my praise music and thinking about how amazing my God is. But I couldn’t help thinking how different it would be when I got home.

It seems like as soon as I walk in the door my kids irritate me. I’m disgruntled at the amount of housework I still have to do. I wish I could find time to do things I enjoy, and life feels like a drudgery. Working it out in my car, I thought, “It shouldn’t be that way. I have the same Spirit dwelling in me there that I do here in the car. The same Father & Son abiding with me (John 14:23) Why then does this happen when I go home?”

I love that still small voice that teaches me all the things I’m not expecting. It’s almost fun to see what He’s going to come up with next. “It’s selfishness, Liz. Over your lifetime you conditioned yourself to think and feel that you have a right to be selfish at home. That you have the right to do and be what you want and let your guard down against yourself here at home.”

It is never okay to be on friendly terms with your flesh.

It’s never a good thing to indulge my sinful side. That old nature is supposed to be dead to me.  Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15 “I die daily.” We are told in Romans 8 and Colossians 3 to mortify (put to death) the actions of the body. I cannot have a successful Christian home if I am relapsing into my carnal nature every time I leave my bedroom. This will only lead to bad things.

I cannot please God in my home if I am in my flesh.

Romans 8:8 is pretty cut and dry. “So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.” I will not produce fruit in my home that is a gift to my Lord if I am just trying to please myself.

I will do damage to my loved ones if I continue to do this.

I will hurt my marriage and my husband. He should be able to see a life of victory in me…there is no life he will be more able to see God in than mine, to see God grow and change and magnify Himself in me.

I cannot be the mother my children need if I revert to my selfish rights whenever I walk in the door. Not only will they be neglected at some level ~ maybe not physically, but spiritually and emotionally ~ but where else are they going to see a better example of God’s truth and faith than in their parents? I can’t help thinking that this is one of the main reasons so many grown children walk away from the Christian faith of their parents. Even if my children still follow God’s way, am I not, by establishing this pattern in our home, condemning them to have the same expectation and cycle of selfishness when they are grown in their homes?

Home may be where I find rest, but it shouldn’t be the place where I am lazy in my faith. If there be any place on this earth that my family can find the Spirit, light, and victory, I want it to be our home. It’s up to us as their parents when they are grown for their families. It’s up to me to put my own flesh to death every morning so that I can create the atmosphere my kids will need to spiritually thrive.

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Elisabeth Rigby

Liz Rigby is a wife and homeschooling mother of three who holds a B.A. in Church Ministries and is beginning the process of getting her masters in Christian Counseling.

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