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“If little things set you off, you have deeper issues.”

Anniversary Thoughts by David Barringer
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“I miss all sorts of sacred and significant moments
when I live with the frantic insistence that I can do it all.”

Trying To Do It All by Alicia Bruxvoort
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“I’m still learning that I am not I am, and I have to expect the unexpected.”
Are You Kidding Me? by Kurt Bubna
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“Too many leaders are leading with a short-term, self-focused perspective.”
Leading With Love On The Line by Jenni Catron
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“God loves to turn our impossibilities into His possibilities!.”
Your Impossible Is God’s Possible by Ed Choy
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“The arrogant leader is someone with an unhealthy sense of self-importance.”
When Leadership Confidence Becomes Arrogance by Scott Cochrane
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“Keep fighting and know that Jesus isn’t letting go of you.”
When The Struggle Is Real by Eliza Downer
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“Can you feel the tug on your accelerator, drawing you to slow down?”
It’s Porch Time by Jeanne Doyon
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“I still have much to learn about listening.”
The Discipline We Forget by Pam Ecrement
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“Where once I had chosen names for our future children,
I now had no idea what my life would look like..”

Antidote for A Troubled Heart by Kathy Erickson
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“Offend people with your kindness to those who least expect it.”
Offend Like Jesus by Kristen Kansiewicz
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“God had entrusted each of us with the ministry of reconciliation.”
What Are You Doing? by Moray McGuffie
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“It’s always sunset to sunrise with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .. darkness to dawn.”
Sunset To Sunrise by Beth Miller
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“Emotionally mature Christians accept others without trying to fix or change them.”
Emotionally Mature Christians by Frank Powell
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“We should not let the presence of fear convince us we are outside of God’s will.”
Allowing Fear To Stop You by Lynne Raatz
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“God’s character is not sullied because bad things happen.”
Why Do Bad Things Happen? by Stephanie Shott
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“I will tenaciously chase after all that you have for me and not give in, go back or quit.”
‘Doggie On A Bone’ Tenacity by Sherry Stahl
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“Like a perpetual primer for God’s possibilities, hope gives us holy momentum.”
A Little Hope by Joy A. Williams
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“Choosing not to worry, be anxious, in a rage,
or offended are all forms of fixing our eyes on Jesus.”

Fix Our Eyes On Jesus by Kristi Woods
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“Our goal is Christ, therefore our view needs to be Christ”
Look Where You Want To Go by Helene Clarke
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