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“God is not a blessing machine nor a magic genie.”
Time & Chance Happen To Everyone by Brad Andres
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“He showed me that I had stepped away – by choice – one little step at a time.”
When You’re Mad At God by Kelly Baker
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“Nowhere is it written that marriage is about happily-ever-after.”
When Marriage Feels Hard by Jelise Ballon
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“Never underestimate the power of your words.”
Starting Every Day Great In Your Marriage by Angela Bisignano
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“Yelling at the dark for being so evil is not a good strategy for changing our culture.”
Done Screaming At The Darkness? by Kurt Bubna
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“As you come close to God in prayer,
He brings purpose even from the brokenness of your life.”
Prayer Moves Mountains by Sue Detweiler
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“Their actions brought about no desire to go back into a church building,
let alone trust any Christian again.”
When God’s People Cause Pain by Eliza Downer
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“Kids 8–18 now spend an average of seven hours a day on electronic gadgets –
because we let them – leading to obesity, mental illness, addiction, aggression and more ..”
Stop Trying To Make Your kids Happy by Leslie Leyland Fields
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“Be encouraged that you have been chosen to love and care for your child.”
The Chosen by Jen Forsthoff
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“See the distractions as the schemes that are thrown at us to weaken our faith,”

Distractions In Your Desert by Terri Fullerton
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“The story that offers rest for my soul is that Jesus is the only way I am okay.
Right here. Right now. Because of the cross.”
Rest For Your Soul by Kim Galgano
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“I needed to give up what would bring me temporary happiness for more important concerns.”
When You Let Go Of Control by Jessica Galan
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“Move like everything has purpose .. ”
First Things First by Thomas McDaniels
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“Saying no can be the most loving response.”
5 Secrets To Saying “No” by Laura Naiser
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“There are events in our life we simply cannot arrange… but God can.”
A Lesson From The Magnolia Story by Lynne Raatz
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“Some despise the idea of working so much they resort to stealing from others
or in some way exploiting the system to avoid labor at all cost.”
Your Job Matters To God by Bob Russell
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“To believe in him as the Son of God is to open the door to a new life.”
A Dead Egg or A Live Savior? by Jo Russell
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“God intervened in the most amazing way and saved our marriage and family.”
How To Find Hope by Carey Scott
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“When God started to reveal a way out for me,
a way out of this “fear of intimacy, this fear that I wasn’t good enough,” it was well, scary.”
Lies That Entangle Us: Fear by Lindsay Morgan Snyder
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“Remind yourself that God is in control.”
When Leaders Get Hooked On “Being Right” by Charles Stone
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“Grab hold of God right now in all of your funk, filth and rottenness
and confess all of the stuff that you know is there.”

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