Meltdown In Marah

My LifeVerse

They traveled in this desert for three days without finding any water . .
they came to the oasis of Marah.
– Exodus 15:22-23 –

My LifeNotes

You would think that after 400-plus years of slavery and a wipe-out victory
over the entire Egyptian army at the Red Sea capped off by a rousing chorus of “We Are The Champions”,
God might want to go easy on His people, but the first 72 hours in the wilderness (Exodus 15)
offered no water and the first key stop was Marah . . an oasis of sorts . .
but the water was rancid and of little value to survival.

Suddenly the victory song stopped . .
the majestic chorus of praise became a cacophony of complaining.

This would indeed be Israel’s “3 Hour Tour”, or perhaps better summed up as,
their meltdown in Marah.



My LifeLesson

As I discussed in my LifeLetter “Finding Elim”,
God has never been about coddling and smothering His children for His own security . .
He is most pleased when our faith is firmly anchored on the immovable things of the Kingdom
that are far more enduring than the circumstances and temporal pleasures of this world.

God understands the dark side of “happy ever after”
and knows perfectly how “the good life” may look wonderful on the outside for a time,
but just under the surface is a soul that has yet to find freedom that only comes
when we set our highest affections on God Himself and entrust our whole life into His hands and purposes . .
this IS the working man’s definition of holiness.

Make no mistake about it,
God desires to reveal His faithfulness by leading all his children to and through Marah . .
the question is how will we respond?


My LifePrayer

Lord you are my strength and my song; You have given me victory.
You are my God, and I will praise You – my father’s God, and I will exalt You!
– Exodus 15:2 –

How is God encouraging you today?


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