Stand Still . . See Him

“When the Roman officer who stood facing Him
saw how He had died, he exclaimed, ‘Truly, this was the Son of God.’”
– Mark 15:39 –



In the last twelve hours of Jesus’ life …

the Roman soldiers were busy.

In addition to maintaining order in a chaotic Jerusalem, they: mocked, whipped, beat, made thorn-crowns, gambled, pierced, and killed Jesus.

But after all was said and done, one soldier did something seemingly “out of duty.” He stood, he saw, he professed.

This begs one question: am I too busy with my duties to stand still and see Him?

Consider these euphuisms: “Life in the fast lane,” “Time flies,” “Where did the time go?”



When it comes to us
believing and trusting Jesus,
is it because we can’t see Him
or because we’re too busy to look? 

One time, one soldier took time to stand still. It was long enough to change him to consider: “I didn’t just gamble for a criminal’s clothes, I gambled for God’s,” “I didn’t execute a guilty criminal, I executed an innocent Savior,” “I offered him sour wine, He offered His blood.”

It’s eerie how Psalm 46:10 echoed this: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Did this soldier realize the power in standing still? Yes, because the Bible tells us that after he did, he praised the Son of God on the cross.

That’s powerful.

And this Roman soldier’s moment (and his eternity) wouldn’t have been possible, had he not stood still.

 How is God encouraging you today?


About the author : Heather Palacios

Heather Palacios

Heather is married to Raul Palacios, and together, they are honored to be part of the Church by the Glades team. Heather is also founder of "WondHerful" an online venue dedicated to two things: encouragement and laughter. She has been blogging for six years, where she posts 1-minute posts, Monday through Friday at She also maintains "WondHerful" on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Heather is a prodigal daughter, who still can't believe the Father took her back, after the wayward life she led. Ever since her return, she wakes up grateful He loves her and ready to make Him smile.

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