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My LifeNotes

In my LifeLetter “When We Walked Away From Easter”,
I draw a line between two life-changing events in the story of David . .
events separated by only seven short years of time.

The first event was the day 15 year-old David stared down Goliath
and declared victory in the name of the Lord.

The second event was the day David got wind of the murderous threats
of one very mentally unstable and emotionally insecure King Saul . .
and chose to run, lie and hide.

This is a true tale of someone who had been a nobody and knew they were a nobody
apart from the grace and power and presence of Almighty God . .

it is also a tale about that same someone experiencing repeated success and victory,
again by God’s grace, and beginning to to believe the chants and cheers of his supporters.

David had started to believe he was a somebody . .

and when anyone starts to believe they are a somebody,
they can easily fall into believing they are better than others,
more spiritual, even more deserving of God’s favor . .
and perhaps most dangerously, believe that they can handle
whatever life throws their way on their own . .
so their natural default is to drift towards taking matters big and small

. . into their own hands.

This drift of the soul can be even more pronounced
in the lives of high-achieving religious, political, and business leaders . .
and yes, in the lives of top-performing athletes . .
athletes like former New York Yankees shortstop Bobby Meacham.

Like David, Bobby Meacham discovered that personal disaster and ruin
can easily be only one pride-filled decision away . .

My LifeLesson

Are you there today?

Is God asking you to trust Him like you have never trusted Him before? . .
Over a relationship failure? Financial failure? Career failure?

Ready to forego the useless process of taking matters into your own hands . .
and put everything in His?

“Somebody’s” in God’s kingdom are full of self “religious posers”
who become dangerous to every life they touch . . beginning with their own.

“Nobody’s” in God’s kingdom are full of faith Jesus-followers
who become dangerous for the Gospel to every life they touch . . beginning with their own.

This is what can happen when a risen Christ meets broken spiritual ragamuffins like you and I . .
even on the day when we walked away from Easter.

My LifePrayer

“Father, in this moment of uncertainty, help me to not be afraid,
but to stand still and watch Your rescue today.”
– Exodus 14:13 –



How is God encouraging you today?


About the author : David "JB" Miller


David "JB" Miller is founder and author at LifeLetter Ministries. He and his wife Cheri make their home in beautiful Paradise Valley, Arizona and have six children and six grandchildren they absolutely adore.

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