What Does Grace Look Like?

My word for this year was GRACE …

I decided that this year I would shift my focus and really seek out examples of God’s abundant grace in my life. I know that He is so so so good to me and I also know that when my gaze isn’t trained on seeing His grace, it sees other things instead.

When I’m not seeking out grace, my gaze may shift to look at my problems, the trials I’m facing, or the distractions of a busy life. Since I don’t want to miss His grace, this year I’m hunting it down in the everyday moments of my life.

This year’s grace seeking has taught me something that I guess I knew deep down in my heart, but, somehow in the midst of a crazy life, have forgotten.

Can I define grace for you? It sounds a little silly to share a definition for a word that is so common, but the definition of grace is just beautiful to me.

Dictionary.com has my favorite definition of grace. They define grace as “the freely given, unmerited favor and love of God. The influence or spirit of God operating in humans to regenerate or strengthen them. A virtue of excellence of divine origin. Also, called ‘state of grace’. The condition of being in God’s favor or one of the elect.”

When I see this powerful definition of grace, my heart stirs and I just begin to automatically see grace in places where I might normally overlook it. The lyrics to the old hymn, “Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing,” says: “tune my heart to sing thy grace.” This definition does that for me. It tunes my heart to sing, my eyes to see, and my mind to understand just how much God’s grace abounds.


Grace is everywhere …

Evidence of God’s unfailing goodness saturates our lives. When I am looking, I see it all around me. I see grace in the middle of my hurt and fear. I also find grace right in the middle of the mundane and boring parts of my life.

Grace can be an unexpected kindness from a stranger. It can show up as your favorite praise and worship song when your heart needs a reminder of God’s unending love.

Grace is courage and strength when you’re in the middle of the mess.

Sometimes grace is as deep as feeling peace in the storm or being wrapped in the arms of the Father when you’re lonely and discouraged. However, grace is also a simple as a cup of hot coffee on a cold, dreary morning or a divinely timed hug from a loved one.


So, what does grace look like? …

Grace looks different every time I see it.

Grace shows up in a million ways that are both incredibly simple and richly complex.

Grace might not look the same every time I see it, but grace usually looks like goodness that I don’t deserve and kindness that I didn’t earn. Grace always looks like arms stretched wide on a cross in a display of pure love that I can never fully comprehend.

Keep your eyes, your heart, and your mind open and join me in searching out grace in the moments. I’d love to know what grace looks like to you.





How is God encouraging you today?



About the author : Bobbie Schaeperkoetter

Bobbie Schaeperkoetter

Bobbie Schaeperkoetter is married to her high school sweet heart and is a homeschooling mama of two wild boys. She adores community and encouraging women. She’s a little bit of a hot mess, but is just doing her best to honor him in the craziness of life. Bobbie is also a writer and blogger atwww.bobbieschae.com and www.facebook.com/bobbieschae She would love for you to stop by and say hello.

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