First things First


I was talking with a mom…

who was dealing with letting go of her 2 boys who almost simultaneously decided to join the military.  She was ex-military and knew precisely what her sons was facing.  She was also dealing with all the emotions of letting her sons step out into this chaotic world.

But overall she was confident that God had planned this and her boys were under his care and protection. Once the emotions settled down she began to think how she could prepare her boys for boot camp and beyond.

Her advice was so simple.  And we all know the most profound truths are revealed in the principles that are simple.

So here is Mom’s advice and I am amazed at how this applies to a multiplicity of areas.

1. Pay attention to the details

We all know the details matter most.  It is primarily the details that make a difference in success and failure.  We can get 90% of something perfect and miss a key detail that can totally ruin an event, party or campaign.  Every good soldier knows the details are the most vital.

2. Question nothing

Sounds undemocratic!  Americans are not programmed to receive this kind of thinking.  Even the Christians.  I wonder how much we miss by questioning God or failing to trust His word.  Soldiers in the Unites States Army have chosen to give their lives to the service of others.  Their lives are not they’re own and they have little or no rights about certain decisions.

As believers how much more should we….

take seriously to question nothing!  I believe this alone would plant us in a new measure of experiencing God’s best for our lives!  This alone would take us to a higher level of experiencing God.

3. Move like everything has purpose

We have the tendency to judge what matters most.  It is often in the little things that we fail the most.   All soldiers are tested in their desire to follow orders to the minute detail.  Both the military and God our Father promotes those who are faithful in little.  This truly is the litmus tests to our hearts.

A story from my heart…

I once went through a season where God asked me why I stepped over a penny and failed to pick it up?  I said Lord what does a penny matter?  He said; let me teach you.  He then led me to pick up pennies for 7 days.  I began to ask people for the coins that was setting on their dashboards and floors of their cars, etc.  I was astounded at people who freely gave me their coins without thought.  Many said,  those pennies don’t matter.  I was amazed at how many pennies God showed me in parking lots, cars, dressers, etc.  I cannot remember the exact amount, but to my recollection is was over 70.00 I had collected in one week.

Here is the point to the matter.  You’re promotion goes into motion when you do not despise small beginning’s and you take serious that small things are the key to God giving you MORE!

Let’s pay attention….

to the truth that everything we do matters, and even more so, the smallest things!!!







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