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“Maybe God gave me a revelation because He allowed me to realize
that what I had chosen all along is to have it my way instead of His.”

A Chance For A Fresh Start by Kelly Baker
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“I praise God because he is the great Transformer.
He is always ready to lead us to more.”
Get Rid of Jealousy by Kelly Balarie
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“We can come up with a lot of excuses related to friendships.”
The Friendship Moment of Change by Theresa Boedeker
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“Breathe, friend. God’s got this.”
Unexpected by Lisa Buffaloe
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I cannot tell you how much
keeping a prayer/blessing journal has helped my spiritual life.”
Did You Make A New Year’s Resolution?? by Beckie Lindsey
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“Somewhere along the way
seems I misplaced my sense of wonder and awe.”
What I Learned From Anne Shirley by Tammy Mashburn
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“A great way to test freedom
is to examine the areas where we have hope ..”
Strongholds by Thomas McDaniels
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“Without scripture,
there will be no conviction or true acceptance Christs work ..”
Do you need to move out of the way? by Moray McGuffie
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“He has lovingly called me back to “better” instead of “settler” ..”
One Way Every Christian Leader Should Be Praying . . Everyday by David “JB” Miller
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“The miraculous isn’t always pain free.”
Delayed Resolutions by Rebecca Morgan
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“Don’t let the coming year simply happen to you, be intentional.”
What One Thing Would Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet? by Lynne Raatz
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“Jesus’ sacrifice will always be greater
than any, and all, of my problems.”
Jesus is Greater than My Problems by Laura Rath
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“The Lord Himself is ready to hear our confessionand offer forgiveness, perfect forgiveness.”

Swing Sets, Ashes & a Vow of Silence by Susan Shipe
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“Where you find a person who divides,
you will for sure find a soul that is divided – spiritual ground, if you will,
that is trying to serve two masters, and self will almost always get top nod.”

Broken Church

“There are things in our personal ministries that can only come alive
via the path of humility, silence, trust, waiting and prayer.”

I’ve Got This

“Though circumstances may suggest so on the surface,
we are never subject to the whimsy and fickleness of man.”

Failed Promises

“God is the One true faithful God – not one day escapes His notice
nor is any day void of His sure power and provision.”

What Are You Mighty Mountain?


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David "JB" Miller is founder and author at LifeLetter Ministries. He and his wife Cheri make their home in beautiful Paradise Valley, Arizona and have six children and six grandchildren they absolutely adore.

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