My Resurrection

Our Father’s ultimate purpose …

behind Christ’s first coming to our world was to reveal His Son
to a “weary and heavy-burdened people” (Matthew 11:28) as the Resurrection and The Life . . .
something of course that is celebrated at Easter around the world.

The promise to those who take Him at His word and “come to Him”? . .
“The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.” (John 11:25)

The powerful reality of this promise is that the resurrection of Jesus
is not only a historical fact in Jerusalem, but also a present-day miracle
in the lives of millions of other Jesus-followers today . . or as Galatians 2:20 describes it,
“I am crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me.”

Christ-followers are living witnesses
of the most powerful event in history . .

but our walk and witness is not an act of imitation, replication or duplication
but rather of grace-enabled impartation and revelation . . or as Paul once again described,
“God .. was pleased to reveal His Son in me”. (Galatians 1:15-16)

When was your resurrection in Christ?
Have you come to Him and said “yes” to His love and His life?

After living and experiencing everything of human life
for thirty-three and a half years, Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
Through His redemptive death, we can be forgiven of our sins
and brought back to a right relationship with God.
But this is not all. After three days He rose in victory from the dead
and that same resurrection power can be yours right now.

Why did He do it?
Why did He come and suffer and die and rise again for us?

Jesus loves us (John 3:16) and is available to everyone today
and will permanently enter and become anyone’s life who
“confesses with their mouth that Christ is Lord and believes in their heart
that God raised Him from the dead”. (Romans 10:9)

More than 320 men and women
who participate as LifeWriters
at LifeLetter Cafe

have made that confession
and dearly hold to that belief.

So we thought you might want to know
their answers to these two simple questions:

1) When and where did Christ first become my Life? . .  and
2) What came to life in my character and priorities?


By the way, you can click on each LifeWriters name and locate all of their posts at the Cafe.
After reading their responses, feel free to add yours in the comment box below.
If you wish to say “yes” to Jesus for the first time today, will you let us know as well?
We can’t wait to celebrate with you on the very first day you can exclaim with joy,
“Let me tell you about . . my resurrection!”

Mark Cole

“I accepted Jesus as an 7 year old in Sunday School.
I found a passion for loving and serving God which intensified when I started reading
my Bible daily and has resulted in over 40 years of full-time ministry.”

Traci Rhoades

“Christ became my life the moment I asked him to become my Lord at age seven.
There are days I squelch his work in me, but on the days when Christ is my priority,
all can see evidence of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self control.”

Scott Couchenour

“Christ first became real to me at age 12 during a Nazarene camp meeting service and again
more recently, through a tremendous loss and abandonment, he became more real to me at age 50.
Helping others thrive has been the biggest resurrection of priority.”

Christy Mobley

“I was a teenager reading the gospel of John – as I was reading chapter 17,
I felt deep in my heart, “I believe – this is truth”. I’ve become more interested
in what pleases Him than what please others.”

Susan Shipe

“On a Monday night in the fall of 1992 at an old-fashioned Baptist revival service –
a sermon from Acts 9.25, “Who’s in your basket?” – Holy Spirit was all over me.
I was so convicted and my whole world changed.
I no longer had a foot in the world and a foot in the Kingdom – I was ALL IN.”
“Galt House Hotel. Louisville, Kentucky, December 4th, 2007. 
Honesty and integrity came alive; I had been a perpetual liar.
I had to forsake every goal, ambition, and dream I had to that point in my life
for the new and fresh vision God placed inside my heart for His kingdom.”

Pamela Christian

“Just weeks before my 30th birthday, I reconsidered Jesus. I prayed if He was real,
for Him to become Lord of my life and make something good of it.
I was entirely transformed and placed on a path of peace, joy, and true personal fulfillment
that cannot be realized without a genuine relationship with God, through faith in Jesus.”

Amy Carroll

“I gave my life to Jesus at 10 years old when I understand I was separated from God
by my sin and began to be transformed at 16 when I understood that my whole life was His.
God transformed me from being a very opinionated girl to a woman who treasures His Word.”

Carmen Horne

“I fell in love with Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at summer youth camp in 1972.
I now had a heavenly Father who cared about me and who could be trusted.
I now could live with the security and peace of God’s love and protection.”

Debbie Wilson

“In middle school at a chapel service at Epworth by the Sea camp I realized
God didn’t just love the world in general; He loved me in particular!
In college I learned that only one person has ever successfully lived the Christian life,
and He – Jesus – wants to live through me. I now focus on living by faith in Him instead of myself.”

Mike Henderson

“At around twenty I turned my heart to Him while kneeling on a large pile of stones,
in heavy tears , and on a ten minute break at work. My life was changed immediately
from darkness to light – from tears to laughter. His touch was so moving
I read the Bible through four times in two months.”

Kimberly Dewberry

“When I contemplated suicide in my late twenties. He tugged at my heart to call a suicide help line instead.
He saved my life that day in more ways than one. In 2015 He shook my world by reuniting me
with my homeless, alcoholic father after 5 years of separation. I am more like Christ
and my priorities are to glorify Him by sharing my experience with others.”

Lynne Raatz

“He became my life in my early twenties when I was an active duty Army Officer
stationed at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.  He took me at my worst and put me on a new path. 
Since then I have experience His grace, goodness, and faithfulness in countless ways!”

David Kachele

“In the fall of 1973 I had become morally, spiritually, and financially bankrupt.
God found me there, in Las Vegas, Nevada and made me His son through Jesus Christ.
In the spring of 1974 I asked, “That’s You, isn’t it Lord?” He responded,
“Are you through doing it your own way without Me?” I answered, “Oh yes Lord,”
and since then He has been shaping my character and setting my priorities.”

Karin Peavy

“Christ did not become my Life until I escaped a manipulative and controlling Pastor and his ideals. 
I began to see I was much more valuable than I realized. I made a priority to study scripture –
I was determined to find their truth and to discover the real Jesus,
not a mean Jesus who condemned me for every wrong.”

Heather Letto

“Jesus came into my life fifteen year ago in a small church in Northern Illinois
just before I was about to crash and burn. Under His care, and with my new set of wings,
we rose from the ashes of what could have been. Now, I soar daily with my Savior.”

Michele Morin

“Christ’s resurrection life became a reality to me when I realized that God
is more interested in who I am (and who I am becoming) than anything I could ever accomplish.
My life-work has value and is an overflow of the “exceeding greatness of His power . .
which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead.”

Karlene Arthur

“I first gave my life to Christ at six years of age. Later in life, after drifting from my faith,
I realized the blessing and value of a life lived in commitment to the cause of Christ,
walking in holiness, and prioritizing the disciplines of the Christian faith.
“I was born on Friday the 13th, an unnamed, unwanted child, abandoned at birth,
surviving an abortion attempt, and protected from fetal alcohol syndrome.
I prayed to receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 10.
Now I know
 that nothing comes into my life that is not filtered through God’s hands of love.”

FC Etier

“I grew up with Jesus in church – His presence has always been felt in my life.
What has stuck with me all of my life are the two Great Commandments:
1. Love God with all your heart and  2. Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Brooke Lynn

“When I was five years old I was in “Children’s Church” and raised my hand and prayed,
asking Jesus into my heart and life. Hope, passion, enthusiasm, joy, faith and more came to life inside of me.
I was raised in poverty, abuse and tragedy; but having Jesus in my heart and life, literally saved my life!”

Christy Pearce

“The day His finger pointed from my sin to the loving, atoning sacrifice of my Savior,
and I by the faith HE gave me, believed He has the power to bring life to the death that reigned in my flesh!
I’m thankful for a God who provides what we need most “according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus”.

Beckie Lindsey

“I was twelve when I was baptized out of fear of going to hell. As a young mother in my twenties,
I rededicated my life to Christ after listening to a few Keith Green songs –
“To Obey is Better than Sacrifice” and “Asleep in the Light”. It was a 180-degree life change
for my husband and me and we’ve never looked back. We are “all in” for Jesus.”

Joy WIlliams

“I placed my faith in Christ at the age of 7 in the church where I grew up and grace gripped me.
It is the sweetest and most difficult embrace of choosing God’s will over my own.”

Rachel Britton

“Christ first became my life when, slumped on the floor of my bedroom,
broken and unable to go on anymore, I cried from my heart three simple words: “God, help me.”
Peace flowed through my body like a wave. A sense of purpose filled my life.”

Jaime Wiebel

“My life for Christ really changed when I began to earnestly seek Him.
I wanted to know Him and I wanted to be obedient to Him.
He became my all, my focus, my hope, my love and through that He has blessed me richly.
He has been my faithful redeemer.”

Sharon Hoover

“The Holy Spirit drew me toward life in Christ – on a high school retreat,
I experienced God’s undeniable presence and love. The Lord revealed my tendency
to please the people around me – through His amazing grace,
the Lord continues to affirm that His presence alone is more than enough.”

Kelly Baker

“Jesus became not just Savior, but Lord of my life
when I rededicated my life to Him after backsliding as a young adult.
God helped me make the connection of not walking perfectly before Him, but growing into spiritual maturity.”

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