The Bullied Becomes The Bully


There’s a difference between standing up for oneself in a bullying situation, and actively seeking out people to ostracize, humiliate and/or intimidate.

No matter who you are, your financial status, religious background or race, insecurities can have an affect on life and the decisions that you make. When those insecurities are projected outwardly and morph into jealousy, bitterness and hatred, the results of those unhealthy seeds produce an unhealthy harvest.

Bullying is more than bad names. It’s terrorizing another, and going through any lengths necessary to cause chaos and disorder in the life of someone else.

Childish behavior and malicious actions can grow into serious adult consequences.


Kallie walked into her apartment bathroom, and wondered where and when her life took a wrong turn. She knew what it was like to be bullied. She knew what it felt like to be mobbed by many whom she didn’t know, and to be the brunt of their jokes and office banter.

It turned her stomach that she faked a smile every day, played the role that she was given, and was involved in the humiliation and tragic life ending of another.

She wasn’t sure whether it was the pressure of work, the fear of being retaliated against by her boss, or the fact that she was up for a promotion, but none of those reasons seemed to matter.

At some point, she had become comfortable with the dysfunction.

The new guy, Marco, came in with his jovial attitude and passion for life. That was all it took for the company to go haywire.

Instead of his presence being a positive disruption, the company went on an all-out war against the person that was there for all of five minutes.

They tampered with his personal property and workspace, sent emails that reflected mocking him, and exhibited what she learned recently were “gaslighting” tactics – smiling at his face, while planning ways to humiliate him and make him think that he was going crazy behind his back.

Kallie and many of the staff had no idea that his mother was overseas in Iraq, that he was taking care of his younger sibling on his own in her absence, or that he just received news the week before that his younger sibling had been diagnosed with Cancer.

Jealousy, bitterness, anger and all sorts of childish behavior had only added to the pressure of this guy’s life.

She saw on the news that he passed away in a tragic car accident the night before. The left front tire that someone at the office thought would be funny to tamper with, had been the cause of it. The left front tire was cut just enough that he would be stuck at the office, and need a tire repair.

The thing is, that it didn’t go flat fast enough. He didn’t even notice it. Apparently, it didn’t go into effect until he was on the highway. The tire popped, he lost control and smashed into the guardrail.

One small cut was all it took.


Hate was all it took.

What had she done? What had she become a part of?

Every time Kallie wiped the tears away from her eyes, more poured out. She stared back at the person in the mirror. She could barely look at herself.

Who was she?


Childish behavior and malicious actions can grow into serious adult consequences.
With heart, Ty

About the author : Ty Weeks

Ty Weeks

Tyisha "Ty" Weeks is a Writer, Inspirational Speaker, Anti-Bullying Advocate, and Consultant, with a heart for God. Multiple adult bullying experiences were the conduits used in her life transformation. She brings inspiration through messages of faith, hope and love, and is a bridge builder through her ministry, RariTy Transformed. Adopting a dog and a child are among her dreams in life.

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