Broken Church

My LifeVerse

“I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you,
but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought..”
– 1 Corinthians 1:10 –

My LifeNotes

Regardless of context – family, workplace or church – where you have division,
you will find a person who divides. and where you find a person who divides,
you will for sure find a soul that is divided – spiritual ground, if you will,
that is trying to serve two masters, and self will almost always get top nod.Sometimes it is those who necessarily climb hardest to not only be on top,
but stay there in prideful defiance . . well, it’s those who have farthest to fall.

Look no farther than Exhibit A: Extreme Mountain Guide, Andy Harris.
Harris was part of the tragic 1996 expedition to Mount Everest that saw great loss of life –
much would be attributed later to shortsighted decisions and faulty judgment.In particular,

Harris chose to stay at the peak well past a reasonable deadline
that all the leaders themselves had previously set, compromising his oxygen supply
and contributing to a dangerous condition known as hypoxia.
Even when Harris on his descent found a cache of fully charged oxygen canisters
left by other climbers, he believed them all to be empty.

Other team members pleaded with him on the radio
to make use of them, but to no success – the damage was already done –
Harris would not survive



My LifeLesson

What is the price paid when Leaders in the local church rise so high
that they begin to only hear what they want to hear?
What happens when they begin to see the very people they serve as little more than a means to their own ends
rather than as sheep in need of a shepherd who understands
that leading necessarily means the “end of me”?In truth, this is really a lesson to remember about worship.
Too often we are tempted to evaluate the worship ministry of our churches by first examining
the mechanics of the weekend worship service – particularly the musicians and the music set itself.

Paul would take a different approach, and in all likelihood would start with this one question:
is leadership consumed with manipulating the many to achieve “my way”
or are we so surrendered to the One that we lift up any and all before ourselves . .
at the expense of self and insecure selfish agenda?In the context of the former mindset, a leader can dangerously allow themselves to believe
that they are “greater” than the rules and purposes that apply to everyone else
when in reality they have climbed so high on the mountain of ambition and control
that the very oxygen they need to think with sound judgment is bypassed by a soul mired
in the kind of confusion only found in cases of extreme God-deprivation.

Yes – it is possible to be so consumed with managing kingdom business
that King and kingdom no longer manage you . . which means it is only a matter of time
before you become Exhibit A in the latest . . broken church.



My LifePrayer

“Father, help us to remember to seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness,
and to trust that all things You desire for us will be given in Your time
by Your hand instead of our worry, fear and control. Amen”  
(Matthew 6:33)




How is God encouraging you today?


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