The Elephant In The Room

Do you ever just?

First of all, this is NOT a political rant. I voted and I am committed to pray for our current administration – I am at peace with who is in office and I will be faithful to support, respect, and devoted to prayer for their wisdom, because I am commanded to do so in the Word of God.

I do not have an answer to the refugee situation.

Having an opinion does not make a person an expert.

I love the way the Lord puts people in my path who are smarter than I am! My acupuncturist was THAT person yesterday. If you aren’t familiar with eastern medicine, this won’t make a bit of sense to you and let me assure you that acupuncture is NOT in any way, shape,or form mystical or new-age or weird. The Chinese people were gifted a very long time ago with the gift of healing – it had nothing to do with rubbing the belly of a Buddha – so please don’t get wiggy on me!!!

My “bladder line” was off balance (suffice it to say this won’t make sense to most of you) – she proceeded to needle me in several places and then she asks,

Are you angry?

“Hmm, funny you should ask,” I replied.

When the bladder is off like this it normally manifests itself with anger.

“Frustrated, more than anger,” I say, “it’s the refugee situation and the noise on social media about it. I have a heart of compassion but I know the answer is NOT Carte Blanche entry into our country.”

See if this helps, she says. Think about this on a small level NOT a global one… You have a home and you welcome a homeless family into it. And, then another homeless family, then another, then another. Soon, you are out of rooms. Your septic tank is over-capacity. Your well goes dry. You run out of food. You no longer have a place that is suitable for anyone.

I could relate to her “picture.”

I want all of you to know, I have a compassionate heart. I know all the verses and scripture – I get it but I also understand the logistics of it all.

Or, what about the divided? When/If in a marriage, one wants to help, the other does not.


  1. PRAY and be led by Holy Spirit ONLY.
  2. Do not think because so and so is doing such and such that you must do that too.
  3. Work some due-diligence and find out where God is working in this situation and join Him there – with prayer support definitely and financial support if you are able.
  4. DON’T be influenced by others – God calls each one of us to different areas and issues.
  5. If HE calls? He will equip.
  6. Don’t get caught up in the social media frenzy – it is ugly and loud and very inappropriate at times.

I love what Jill Briscoe said at the IF:Gathering this past weekend, and I quote:

You go where you’re sent; and you stay where you’re put; and you give what you’ve got until you’re done. Jill Briscoe

And, friends, God doesn’t tell us all to do the same thing – HE.DOES.NOT.

I have chosen four places to put my prayers and my dollars regarding the care of refugees – there are many, many agencies doing good things but for me – these are my choices at the current time – perhaps you know of others, feel free to post in the comments for all of us to have more information.

Preemptive Love Coalition

Samaritan’s Purse

The Nazarene Fund

Redeemer Christian Foundation 

I give because I don’t have the answers – I don’t even pretend to. But I do know one thing, our President has a full cabinet of smart people, who understand this problem from a worldview and some with a Christian view, I am praying that the United States of America would actually stand UNITED and support the decision/s that are made regarding this hard, complex situation. Remember: having an opinion does not make one an expert.

Go where you’re sent. Stay where you’re put. And, give what you’ve got until you’re done. Thank you, Mrs. Briscoe, thank you very much.



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Susan Shipe

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