Are We Becoming Too Faith Diluted?

This past election showcased a lot of divisions. I found myself many times having to shut off the media because it bothered me so much. Mud slinging didn’t just happen between the political parties, but among friends who weren’t in agreement of each other.

As a Christian woman, I find myself struggling on some of the issues.

I’m not struggling with what I believe, I know what God’s Word says. I’m rather concerned with many Christians picking and choosing what they want to believe from the Bible. We are seeing first hand serious divisions in the Church.

Are Christians becoming too tolerant?

God’s Word seems rigid when we compare it to the “anything goes” philosophy of our culture. Yet, there’s a reason why God tells us what is right and wrong.

Is our faith being diluted?

Who are you rooting for?

Are We Becoming Too Diluted? Faith,Tolerance, Bible verses. How to be a Christian woman and have a relationship with God and find hope for the current time by walking in faith.

Weakened Faith

The definition of dilution is to make thinner, to diminish the strength, flavor, or brilliance (Webster-Merriam).

The Bible is God’s Word and it holds the power of the universe. God’s laws and commandments rule the entire universe. As a Christian, our moral foundation is the Bible.

We can’t add or subtract what we want from the Bible. There isn’t a “make your own dilution.”

But frankly, isn’t this what many Christians are doing in this day and age? Choosing and picking what they want to believe, because God’s way seems too strict.

We might hear the argument that if we follow God’s direction, we aren’t tolerant enough. Non-Christians say we look down on others, and don’t profess what Jesus said “to love our neighbors as ourselves.”

Too Much Like Culture

Our culture attaches labels such as conservative and liberal, and then fights for what they think is right at that current time and juncture.

Many of those I know are rolling up their sleeves right along with this culture, but they are fighting with a worldly view as their guide. Team Culture.

God’s guidelines have been thrown out.

If we call ourselves Christians, shouldn’t we be fighting for what God says is right?

Why such divisions?

God’s Truth

Here’s the thing, we all sin. Every sin is viewed the same way in God’s eyes. It’s missing the mark whether it’s a big sin or a small sin. Every one of us is viewed as a sinner.

God was intolerant of sin so He sent His Son to die on the cross to remove all of our sins. He loves us all, but He doesn’t accept the sin we commit and the behavior we indulge in because it’s against His commandments and doctrines.

Can we love others even if we can’t accept their behavior?

If we look at the story from the Bible about the Samaritan women, we see Jesus interacting with her. To begin with, Jesus was a Jew and the woman was a Samaritan. These groups didn’t interact and there was divisions between them.

See John 4:1-26

As Jesus converses with her, we see His love for her. Jesus becomes a bridge uniting her with himself. He ultimately decreased the divisions between the two groups.

We also see that He doesn’t accept her behavior. She is divorced numerous times, and is living with a man that isn’t her husband. Jesus doesn’t shame her, but rather His love moves her to want to change.

This woman then shares with her community about Jesus and His teachings. Jesus enabled this bridge to be built.

Bridge of Love

Can we be intolerant of behavior and tolerant of people?  Isn’t this the essence of why we all need Jesus? Everyone is broken and sinful. No one is better than another.

Are We Becoming Too Diluted? Faith,Tolerance, Bible verses. How to be a Christian woman and have a relationship with God and find hope for the current time by walking in faith.

Through our faith, we can form the bridge to show others His love, but also His guidelines.

Before we can be this uniting force of love, we need to go back to the Bible basics. What behavior does God find acceptable? What does He command?

Deuteronomy 4:2 (MSG) Don’t add a word to what I command you, and don’t remove a word from it. Keep the commands of God, your God, that I am commanding you.

How’s your faith? Is it being strengthened or is it being diluted? Are you picking and choosing what you want to believe?

What are you rooting for?



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