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Patricia Schell is a woman who has quite a ‘hat’ collection. Her jobs include keeper of the home, creator of beautiful things, and cooker of much yumminess. But, the role she enjoys the most is student of the Bible. She believes following God takes you on the best adventures, and invites others to come along on a journey they won’t want to miss. Discover Patricia’s other ‘hats’ as writer, builder, seeker, encourager and more at—

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About the author : Patty Schell

Patty Schell

Patty Schell will tell you she’s been writing since she could spell and string words together, but it hasn’t been until recent years she has been able to make it a regular practice. Her role as women’s leader in her local church provided a platform to teach, blog, and now, write. Her latest project, Living NOW series is one that was born from a desire to encourage the women she was teaching to know God through His Word, giving them a practical way to study the Bible for themselves. At present, Patty is a contributor to a variety of web-based publications including Refresh Magazine, Broken but Priceless Magazine, Life Letter Café, and SoCal Voice. In addition, she connects with her readers with regular posts on her two blogs, Girl on Adventure: Embracing the Journey Called Life and The Party’s in the Kitchen: Cooking Up Good Times in the Heart of the Home. Much of Patty’s writing is inspired by the full life she leads alongside her family and friends. She constantly looks for good reasons to gather people together, loves serving her community, and enjoys getting to know new places and cultures. Through these activities and others in life, God reveals His stories of faith, hope and love, and Patty means to tell others about them every chance she gets.

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