My One Word for 2017

Every word of the year has a back story – right? I want to share mine.

My word for 2016 was hand-delivered by Holy Spirit in November of 2015…almost literally. It was one of those moments when the Lord sends a postcard. I knew it was addressed to me and I owned it. DISCIPLINE in three areas of my life: Read|Pray|Move. If you read my blog you know I’ve been faithful and obedient to His command – it has been a very good year in these areas. I completed the chronological read-through of The Message Bible, I have done my exercise routine every morning Monday – Friday; if there was any weakness it was in the area of prayer. However, I pray all day long and sometimes for hours at night – my favorite thing to say in regard to prayer? Never say “amen.” I plan to continue these three disciplines into my daily schedule into 2017.

So, as 2016 began waning I was wondering what word the Lord was going to drop in my lap for 2017.

I thought it was FlourishFlourishing means peace, or shalom, in every direction. I wrote about that word here.

Good word but I never got any confirmation on it.

Early December I felt a funk come over me. It seemed every single time I was feeling settled and joyful, something would come and upset that. A text or an email with less-than-good news. I just kept saying, “Why, Lord, why?”  And you know what I sensed Him saying to me?

Stop putting off the joy because…and this: Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof – this is KJV Matthew 6.34

Between you and me? KJV verses don’t usually come to my mind readily – but this one kept being persistent and playing over and over in my head. And, basically the Lord was telling me – there is NO perfect day so don’t postpone the joy that is yours IN ME. To which I could only say, “Yes, Lord.”

Don’t postpone the JOY.

Don’t postpone the JOY.

Don’t postpone the JOY.

His message was breaking through.

Then, one day I blurted out to Him, “So what’s my 2017 word?” I let my eyes drop to whatever it was on my lap and this is what I saw:

My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2 Corinthians 12.9

I remember smiling and saying, “If each day has its own sufficient amount of trouble then I need to bank on and count on that Your grace will be sufficient also.”

I immediately wrote down…


I don’t argue with God. His postcards are always just the right words and at just the right time.

After all…

He is more than SUFFICIENT.

About the author : Susan Shipe

Susan Shipe

I am an encourager with a heart for women. The Lord delivered a message of hope deep within my soul in 2002. Jesus, the Hope-giver met me in my hour of need and my heart overflowed with hope – the theme of my life since that time has been HOPE! I began blogging in 2008 and became serious in the fall of 2010 when I hired a site designer! Hope|Heart|Home are my three passions and one can find food for the soul, and the body, along with a lot of musing over at I am the mother of three adult children, grandmother (a/k/a Mimzy) to 20-year old Hannah and 14-year old Simon, and I am the wife of one man and together we love on our beloved dog, Sam! My husband, Lowell, and I attend Community Church in Mountain City, Tennessee. I enjoy writing, reading, organic gardening, traveling, and spending time with our family.

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