Are you cleaning out the closets when you have guests coming for dinner?

If you have been reading our blog for any period of time, you know that my wife, Lisa Cool, has written some of the most insightful blogs over the years…and today is another example of her skills and insight.  She shared this story and it really resonated with me to the point that I have adopted this little question as a metaphor when trying to help our clients be INTENTIONAL with their facility stewardship and development.

Let me know if you can relate…thanks Lisa:

Recently, I was retained as a consultant for a travel management company and recruited a new Vice President for their sales and customer service department.  While we were going through her on-boarding process, two major clients indicated that they were looking at changing travel management firms, but would still give this firm an opportunity to re-bid on their business. This required a full court press effort to prepare for the presentations to avoid losing these valuable accounts.

As the new Vice President and I were reviewing the tasks to get her started in her new role, it was clear that she was very preoccupied by many details related to the general operation of the company and systems that needed attended to, but she was missing the big picture and pressing issue that their firm was on the verge of losing two major accounts.  I surprisingly blurted out,  “ Tracy, you are trying to clean out the closets when you have company coming for dinner.”  Yes, there were many projects to tackle and many processes to implement, but she was missing out on the most pressing tasks at hand…saving these accounts!

I am sure we all have moments when our focus is misplaced. That happens. However, as we approach this busy season, make sure you aren’t cleaning out the closets when you have company coming for dinner!  INTENTIONAL!


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Tim Cool

Tim has assisted nearly 400 churches, (equating to over 4 Million Sq Ft) throughout the United States with their facility needs. He has collaborated with churches in the areas of facility needs analysis, design coordination, pre-construction coordination, construction management and life cycle planning/management.

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