What Donald Trump can Teach Us

Let me first say that Donald Trump is not perfect and I do not condone all his behavior, actions, or policies. I also am hoping that President Elect Trump can unite our nation and help in bringing solutions to the real issues of this generation. I firmly believe that is the very reason that this nation voted Donald Trump into office.

There is a cry in the heart of this nation that we become great again. Many still believe in this nation and the Christian values that once held America together.

While Donald Trump is not the all American boy, he was certainly the people’s choice on election night. I think many of us can learn some valuable lessons from President Donald Trump. I will list a few of these ideas below.

1. Donald Trump did what looked impossible

In June of 2015 Donald Trump announced his intention to run for the office of President of the United States. Immediately the naysayers began to attack, criticize, and declare that Donald Trump had no chance to win. Donald proved everyone wrong.

2. Donald Trump fought off extreme obstacles

As we know the entire campaign was brutal and nasty. Even Donald fell prey to crudeness, attacking others, and unbecoming behavior. But we must remember most every candidate in both parties despised the thought of Donald Trump becoming President. Donald modeled for us how to be courageous when everyone is against you. The church must learn that just because others count you out that we can rise up with resolve and determination and still win.

3. Donald Trump faced shame and moved forward

Donald even shamed himself with locker room talk but still believed that He was a better candidate than his opponent, and that He was the best choice for our nation. Donald taught us that believing in your purpose can be a greater force than pleasing everyone. He also was an example that when we are resolved we can overcome what looks impossible.

4. Donald Trump finally learned the hard lessons

It was necessary for Donald to lay aside all his childish ways and bully tactics and begin to walk in the maturity that the Presidency would demand. Donald failed on many fronts but eventually learned some lessons that positioned him for success.

 Note: We also must learn that God also has an inheritance for us and we also must set aside our childish ways and walk in the anointing and the appointing of His highest purpose.

Donald Trump becoming President is much like the story of David and Goliath. David was outmanned in every way. His opponent shamed David and no one believed that David could defeat this massive enemy.

 Donald Trump took on the entire governmental system in our nation including both parties. He took on the challenge to face the largest name in politics and a media that planned his demise.

 My hope is not in a candidate or Donald Trump. I do believe that God uses men and women in authority to accomplish His purposes. I will pray for Donald Trump daily as I did Barak Obama.

 I am sure, we the church have much to learn and I pray that President Donald Trump teaches us many lessons over the next 4-8 years. He certainly taught us something over the last 18 months.

 My greatest take-a-way is; let’s believe in the impossible again, and know that we serve a God that can do more than we could ever ask or think!

 Would love to hear your comments.


About the author : Thomas McDaniels

Thomas McDaniels

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