You were on His mind


2 Corinthians 5:21

The crowd jeered as poison dripped from their lips “crucify him!” The hands of the soldiers like “meat hooks” grabbed Mercy – “come with us!” He lost his balance and fell to the ground, from there he was slid onto a jagged piece of wood. The spikes jingled in the hand of one of the murderers,  then Mercy’s eye caught a glimpse of the sledge hammer…

Mercy’s mind drifted and saw the countless faces that He was to die for. Sin’s scarlet thread was going to turn white through this one action of love. Pain and suffering would have an ultimate purpose; fear, depression and death would ultimately be conquered here. We were on His mind.

Mercy’s hands and feet were stretched out beyond measure, the spikes were precisely placed, and the blow of the sledge took the wind from His chest. The pressure of the blow almost took His consciousness. The nails ribbed through His feet, cutting through tendons. In agonizing pain Mercy’s mind drifted to every step he took to rescue and redeem the unwanted. The women at the well, blind Bartimus and to heal Jairus daughter. Mercy could feel himself smile as His steps testified of redemption, ordered by His father. We were on His mind.

Mercy was now being propped up on the pole, He was exposed, stretched in anguish. Mercy looked into the heavens and He saw His Father’s back toward him – this was unspeakable torment – “Why oh father do you forsake me?” The echoes of that question went unanswered throughout all eternity. “Remember me when you go into your paradise”, the thief’s voice recoiled mercy back to earth’s present. “You will be with me today my son.” Mercy’s compassion provoked the crowd. Satan cheered in open mockery, he energized the religious leaders to jest and cry out. “Save yourself, others you have saved”…..We were on His Mind.

Mercy’s focus turned to His family, “Take care of our mother John, she will need you more than ever,”  John then embraced Mary she was barely standing, she never took her eyes off her son. Mercy was starting to choke on His own air. Dizzy with pain He knew he would need every ounce of strength to endure the totality of the cross. Mercies mind drifted to the perfect forgiveness He was the scapegoat for;  He whispered “Father forgive them they don’t know what they are doing”.

The sky darkened and the thunder rumbled, the crowd went from an evil hysteria to an eerie quiet fear. Mercy’s mind drifted to the importance of the cross, He knew that through the shedding of His blood He would satisfy the debt of sin for the past, present and the future for all mankind. We were on His mind.

With His last breathe he screamed “It Is Done!” The crescendo of this moment released the heavens to explode with thunder and lightening. A tear from the father’s eye landed on the earth, and shook heaven and earth with profound impact. In the Temple the curtain that separated the common area from the Holy of Hollies  was ripped from the bottom to the top giving total access. We were on His mind.

“Surely this was the Christ the Son of God”, these words from Mercy’s murderer echoed throughout eternity. This was the day when mercy died for us, as us, so that we can be made the righteousness of God.  We were on His mind. We are the reason He gave everything and rose again – Thank you Lord.

What is on your mind today? Only what inspires us will cause us to endure that which is beyond us. Focus on Mercy.

About the author : Jason Moore

Jason Moore

Passionate about reaching people with the Gospel, Jason Moore has traveled extensively. Since age 16 he has been involved in mission work and discipleship among the former Soviet-bloc countries in eastern Europe, in Asia, in South America, as well as in the United States. He did his internship living for 7 years in the Ukraine, helping plant 5 churches that continue to thrive today under trained national leaders. A graduate with a Bachelor of Biblical studies from Maryland Bible College and Seminary, he faithfully serves in his local church, leading the Pastoral Care Team of Greater Grace World Outreach in Baltimore, MD. Together with his wife, Leah, and their son, they help disciple people to discover the riches of God’s grace. For more information please contact -

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