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Here Are The Ones That Caught the Most “Reads”
Over the Last Few Days

“Will our own excess funds hoarded for the future
one day become as filled with worms as Israel’s hoarded manna?”

Christians, Retirement & Wealth Management by Randy Alcorn

“When love is our motivation,
we’ll fight against ideas and not individuals.”
It’s Time! Christians are Called to Fight by Jason Benham

“No matter how many lists I made,
I couldn’t get to the bottom of the emptiness.”
Checklist Faith by Laura Boggess

“I felt something new stir in my chest –
a love that doesn’t leave in the midst of pain.”
Joy In Brokenness by Laura Boggess

“We became infected with a kind of malaise,
a tangible diminishing of enthusiasm.”
The Future of Church Leadership by Tod Bolsinger

“There is only One Name worthy of our wishing,
one name deserving of our dreams.”
Grace In The Middle by Alicia Bruxvoort

“I think we parents should seize this moment
to teach and remind our kids.”
Important Life Lessons by David Chadwick

“When we become consumers simply for the sake of consumption,
we have crossed a line.”
The Ten Commandments of Minimalism by Dan Erickson

“For the first time since Babel,
we are globalized with the potential of worldwide meltdown.”
Time’s Up by David Ingrassia

“It is our challenge to harness the power of technology
and steward it for the good of the world and the proclamation of the gospel.”
Digital Devotion or Distraction? by Clayton King 

“The power of trusting God overcomes the sense of frustration.
It overcomes the loneliness. It overcomes the feeling that we lack power.”
Walls and More Walls by Bill Kraski

“When we belong to Christ,
the enemy never has the final word..”
When Life Is Hard by Debbie McDaniel

” 93% of a conversation isn’t really understood
by the words we are using.”
Does my body language matter when I share the Gospel? by Moray McGuffie

“In breathless cries I kept thanking Jesus
for going after his one…Daniel.”
Daniel’s Story by Gari Meacham

“The pleasures of the world which are being chased by so many
no longer really appear all that attractive to those who have been called to a heavy cross.”
15 Things You Can Expect When God Leads You Through Suffering by David “JB” Miller

“He is doing anything but stomping in the opposite direction
of our brokenness and failure, muttering ‘I told you so’.”
From The Pit by David “JB” Miller

“God is searching, longing, wishing, desiring and yearning to be with you,
strengthen you, love on you and bless you.”
The Search Is On by David “JB” Miller

“God will be what you need Him to be
in whatever situation you are in.”
My Invincible by Karin Peavy

“The true test of who we are does not come in the good times ..”
What Spills Over When You Are Pressed? by Lynne Raatz

“When we feel known and understood our hope thrives.”
Hope for When You Feel Invisible by Lori Schumaker

“You see, that was the problem.
We didn’t know how to know!.”
After Years of Searching for God, He Found Me by Cheryl Scott

“Lonely woman who doesn’t know Jesus, meet him.
He is the game changer.”
To the Woman Who Feels Alone by Bobbie Schaeperkoetter

“I NEVER burn bridges. I wish them well
and pray for them in person if possible.”
When People Leave Your Church by Charles Stone

“Life is full of joy
in the midst of the difficult, sad, and messy.”
Choose Hope by Pam Vredevelt

“Would you like to read a book again and again
without it ever growing old?”
Keep Calm & Carry On by Kim Wilbanks

“Grace tells us it’s time to think redemptively
because we all need Christ..”
Where is GRACE In The Race Debate? by Joy Williams

“Celebrate the life you have right now.”
10 Keys To More Joy Every Day by Marie Wikle



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