A Whole Lot More – An August 2016 Lifeletter

” . . those of you
who do not give up everything you have
cannot be my disciples.”

It’s the tension between faith and fear . . rest and restlessness . . security and uncontrollable worry: from the very first moment we say “yes” to following Jesus until the last breath we take this side of heaven, we find ourselves in a very real battle.

On one hand, as I discuss in the LifeLetter “Deconstructing My American Faith”, we start by looking into the eyes of a Master who uncompromisingly asks us to be untethered to stuff and the “stuff of life” . . to find contentment in our “empty”, and more importantly, to find Him as our “more than enough” in our “empty”; on the other hand, we live this faith-journey on a planet that is obsessed with the lure of “more”.

Just look at the church parking lot this Sunday and be reminded that the base model Nissan Versa or the Chevy Spark pretty much occupy less than 2% of all available spaces – more was needed.

The 1,200-plus calorie $6 Burger at Carl’s Jr. will certainly get more air time than the relatively unknown $1.49 “Small Hamburger” – more was needed.

If you take a close look, Geico Insurance, other than having a great mobile app platform, is essentially a traditional insurance provider that offers it’s most competitive rates to military and government families. Ironically, Geico annually scores as one of the worst customer service insurance companies – especially through the claims to repair process, BUT they are second to none in attempting to lead you to believe that with them you get that “more” . . “a whole lot more” . .

In a chaotic strife-filled world …

that bombards us from every side with the need for “more”, maybe it’s just the right time to consider the words of Lamentations 3:24,

“‘The Lord is my portion’, says my soul,
‘Therefore I have hope in Him’.”

Multi-millionaire Jon Pedley took these words to heart after recovery from a 2002 self-caused drunk driving crash which left him unresponsive in a coma.

In the rear-view mirror was a selfish life of greed, immorality and abuse. What followed was an encounter with the person, love and grace of Jesus Christ, an encounter that led him to downsize, sell all his properties and businesses, relocate to Africa, live in a mud hut and fully fund Uganda Vision – a ministry to orphans.

Behind this transformation was a Jon Pedley who realized he had been attempting and failing to find his identity and his security by chasing the “more”, The man who thought life was defined by what he held only really began to live when He entrusted himself to the only One who can hold us.

Blind, reckless faith you ask? No that was Pedley’s life outside of Christ, but in Christ he found a hope that is anchored to three very hard to miss character qualities like nothing he had ever encountered before. Think of them as three reasons to say no to chasing “more”:

Christ’s Generosity
Christ’s Dependability
Christ’s Durability

  • As to generosity, Psalm 107:9 reminds us that God not only satisfies, but fills the hungry soul with good things
  • As to dependability, Lamentations 3:22-25 reminds us that God’s kindnesses and mercies relentlessly come to us each new day, if we will only wait on Him.
  • As to durability, Psalm 16:5 reminds that God and only God can secure an eternal spiritual inheritance with Him in heaven.
Have you really considered the invitation of Christ? Have you really put fear of lack and vulnerability in it’s place? If not, His invitation to you today is simply this: less . . is more . . a whole lot more.

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About the author : David "JB" Miller


David "JB" Miller is founder and author at LifeLetter Ministries. He and his wife Cheri make their home in beautiful Paradise Valley, Arizona and have six children and six grandchildren they absolutely adore.

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