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LifeLetter Cafe LifeWriter Suzie Eller
is a author/blogger with Proverbs 31 ministries
and writes devotions for Encouragement for Today.
Mom, wife, and gramma to six beautiful babies.
Suzie has been featured on 100 Huntley Street, Focus on the Family,
Aspiring Women, Moody, KLOVE and numerous radio and TV programs.
Her heart is to lead women in a new direction in the area of families, feeling, and faith.

The Cafe is excited to report that Suzie’s book project Come With Me,
which began three years ago, has now gone full circle
and is the first of many platforms for women’s online Bible studies to come,
connecting thousands of women of faith from all around the globe.

Find a more detailed overview of Come With Me here in Suzie’s own words,

Can I tell you something?
This journey of walking with Jesus is the most amazing, hard, wonderful thing I’ve ever done.
I’ve never felt more challenged in my faith, but I’ve also never felt more rested in my faith.
It’s simplified it to a modern-day disciple following Jesus daily,
listening for His voice, and living it out in real life.

We have Facebook groups and small groups meeting in churches and homes,
as well as Google Hangouts and FaceTime and Skype meetings.
While the gatherings all look different, all of the material and videos and freebies and fun
are available for every single one of you – whether you are leading a group,
or following the study on your phone or iPad.

I pray that you are ready to redefine what it means to be a disciple —
for we are all that 13th disciple, living out our faith in a real world.
Let’s discover the beauty of following where He leads.

So LifeLetter Cafe is excited to share this recent interview with Suzie Eller
to dive deeper into the story behind Come With Me.
Enjoy her answers below in the latest 7 Questions Sunday!


Today’s 7 Questions

LifeLetter Cafe: The “current “Come With Me” online Bible study is proving to be a watershed moment in your lifelong ministry path – tell us what you believe is the leverage for the gospel to be gained in digital ministries like this?

Suzie Eller: I’ve traveled around the world to speak to women. I love that! Yet I also realize that in addition to conferences, there are women meeting right now who are hungry to grow in their faith. Some are in a prison, as women dig into the Word together. Some are around a kitchen table. Some are at a coffee shop. Some are at a church. And yes, some are at conferences.

My watershed moment is realizing that technology allows us to gather together in all of those places. I’ve used technology in a lot of different ways in ministry, but the possibilities continue to expand.

I don’t need to travel to a church to lead a study or speak. They don’t need to take income out of their budget to fly a speaker in. We can meet together whenever and wherever they are.

I took an intentional break from speaking these past eight months, praying and asking God for direction.

LifeLetter Cafe: You cite a recent trip to India as an “eye-opener” to a world of possibilities – how did God move on your heart?

Suzie Eller: This is when my direction came. I was in a remote area in Central India. I was standing in a rag-picking slum with one source of water for the community, when I saw a person with a cell phone. He was showing a ministry video to a group of young boys who clamored to watch.

Later I sat with women who were learning to read for the first time. Some were as young as 13. Others as old at 70. At one point the teacher, a woman from the community, used her phone to share something she had referenced in the lesson. We were in a metal shack with dirt streets, yet there was access to the Internet.

Those same people could access content, but not pay for it. Their phone was a family’s only means of communication. I left India with a plan to create professionally-produced Bible studies that could be accessed for free, whether it was a person or ministry in New Jersey or New Delhi.

LifeLetter Cafe: “Come With Me” has been a 3-year process – how has it changed you in your faith and your outlook on women’s ministry?

Suzie Eller: I don’t know that it’s changed my outlook on women’s ministry, except I see more than ever that we need each other.

As far as my faith, walking with the disciples and seeing myself as a modern-day disciple following Jesus and his example and living that out daily, has changed my faith forever. I love the Lord and have for a long time. I treasure that I get to share the Word with women across the nation. What a privilege! Yet faith and ministry can get complex. This has simplified it. I have never felt more challenged in my faith, but I have never felt more rested in my relationship with God.


LifeLetter Cafe: What has been some of the most encouraging feedback from the current “Come With Me” online study?

Suzie Eller: I’m leading it on my blog (http://tsuzanneeller.com/) and FB ministry page (www.facebook.com/SuzanneEllerP31).  My goal, however, is to offer it along with free videos and free printables and resources on my blog as an evergreen product.

Totally free. Totally accessible. Any ministry can use it at any time. Any individual can download it at any time. I am working on a study guide right now for it, but there are videos, a downloadable journal, a downloadable prayer book, graphics that can be used in an online group or in a bulletin.

All of that is found at http://tsuzanneeller.com/come-with-me-study/

Currently we are adding videos as we go through this study, but by September 1st all 12 videos as well as a trailer will be available.

These videos can be shown in a church, on your phone, your iPad or computer, or on a large screen at a conference.

I also plan to add a 35-minute message that can be shown if you are hosting a retreat over the topic of “Come With Me.” No airfare. No speaking fee. Just a
speaker who gets to hang out with you and the women in your community group. The video has been filmed and is in production now.

LifeLetter Cafe: We are captivated by the quote from the book “Faith isn’t a position of favor but a posture of servanthood” – tell us more – how did you get there?

Suzie Eller: Just sit at the edge of the circle and watch the disciples and Jesus. From the very beginning, he chose them. Some went on to be in the spotlight. Others faded to behind-the-scenes. They all were world changers.

Jesus showed them that it wasn’t a position of favor, but finding exactly where they fit as they drew people to the Father. As they were transformed. As they found their place.

Here’s one of the Come With Me videos that shares my heart on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUly0BVNyZo

LifeLetter Cafe: Tell us about the connectivity and disciple-making possibilities attached to “Facebook groups, Google Hangouts, FaceTime and Skype meetings”?

Suzie Eller: Let’s add in Facebook Live and other live broadcasting opportunities! From a girl who has spent an incredible amount of time in airports over the last eight years, the thought that we can connect so easily and from the comfort of our home is mind boggling to me.

I’ve been Skyping or Facetiming into small groups over the past year. It’s been so fun! If there’s a group studying the book and it’s 5 people or 500, I can simply pop in and share a small devo, pray for them, and answer questions. It’s such a cool way to hang out with those who are studying the book.

LifeLetter Cafe: Where are you going from here with the entire “Online Bible Study” concept and how can we pray for you as you push ahead?

Suzie Eller: I’m investing in another study in January with The Unburdened Heart. I plan to do the same thing, create professional videos and resources for women across the nation.

I’m also having my blog redesigned so that this is streamlined and easy to access.

It’s not easy. It’s costly. And yet it’s such a joy to be able to do this. Pray with me for these two things: 1) for women all over the world who are hungry to grow deeper in their faith to find them; and 2) for the ability to run with this as fast and as God-focused as we can. I just want to go where He leads, and this is where He’s leading right now.

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