Table of Grace


Mephibosheth had nothing to offer the King or anyone for that matter. He was a failed father and a burden to his family. One day there was divine intervention were unconditional value and love was placed on him because of his heritage by King David.

We are all like Mephibosheth – let me explain…..

“Why would you have anything to do with me? I am a dead dog, there is nothing i can offer you of any value.” the cripple shook while he spoke. He knew why he was called, he was going to be punished. Mercy stood up from his throne and moved closer to Mephibosheth. “I have the power to give life or take it, you have nothing to offer me that you know of,  but I am showing kindness because of your grandfather Jonathan – I loved him as my own soul. Nothing that you have done or will do will change my decision. I am making you a place at my table because of honor to another,  I look at you as I would Jonathan, you are royalty.” As the king’s servants approached Mephibosheth he was waiting for the catch or stipulation, he could not believe his ears. He had not known such favor or kindness. He was accustomed to the rough slums of Lodebar were he never had enough; were he fought for the little that he did have; this unconditional care was strange for him.

The king summoned a new robe, shoes and a ring for Mephibosheth, he had the power, privilege and position of a son.The servants lifted him onto a royal carrier and led him to the King’s table. The king’s dining chamber was magnificent, food as far as the eye could see, with beautiful arrangements and dazzling place settings. The room was filled with sweet incense and all eyes were upon him. The hushed conversations turned into applause. The “cripple” was lifted into his chair with his name on it, the massive table covered his little crippled legs. He was now made one of the king’s family. Mercy stood by the table and said, “this is good, from this day forward let it be known that mephibosheth and his family will no longer be known as an enemy, but as my royal family, for Jonathan’s sake.”

The kingdom took notice of Mercies kindness on this day and marveled.

We are treasured as sons and daughters of the king of kings because we are In Christ! We are not defined by our crippledness, or by sucess or failure, but by the favor and grace of the King.

About the author : Jason Moore

Jason Moore

Passionate about reaching people with the Gospel, Jason Moore has traveled extensively. Since age 16 he has been involved in mission work and discipleship among the former Soviet-bloc countries in eastern Europe, in Asia, in South America, as well as in the United States. He did his internship living for 7 years in the Ukraine, helping plant 5 churches that continue to thrive today under trained national leaders. A graduate with a Bachelor of Biblical studies from Maryland Bible College and Seminary, he faithfully serves in his local church, leading the Pastoral Care Team of Greater Grace World Outreach in Baltimore, MD. Together with his wife, Leah, and their son, they help disciple people to discover the riches of God’s grace. For more information please contact -

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