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“He doesn’t ask us to be the best in thecountry at something –
He just asks us to be the best in our stadium,”

In Our Stadium by David Benham

“Reverence means fearing God and not man ..”
The Church’s Measuring Stick by David Benham

“Oh Heavenly Father, don’t let me miss a moment with You.”
I heard You call by Lisa Buffaloe

“There are seven billion others on this planet just like you
who are special in their own way.”

What Boomers Can Learn From Millennials by Jeff Calloway

“Completed tasks hype me up but they don’t fill me up ..”
The Test of Our True Priorities by Amy Carroll

“Prayer is not only about believing in God and having faith,
its also about being humble enough to recognize
that you cannot live life without God’s help..”

10 Keys to Help Make Prayer the Best Part of the Day by Terance Clark

“What Jesus says about love forces me to ask hard questions.”
Do we really love people who are different from us? by Suzie Eller

“When fear tries to rob our courage as we face the unknown,
prompt us to recall the truth that our God is aware of all of our circumstances.”

When Our Souls Tremble by Terri Fullerton

“Let’s do ourselves a favor…stop holding on,
crawl up in Abba Father’s lap and just be held.”

Just Be Held by Shelly Hollis

“We all have a way of getting off the right path
and needing to be helped back.”

Grace Still Finds Us by Bill Kraski

“God has ALWAYS been there when I’ve needed Him.”
Do You Know Who Your Father Is? by Simon Lawton

“instead of giving up all that God has done in my life. I will not be moved!”
Intimate Time with God – Part 4 by Stacey Louiso

“God will prepare you for the next season
by releasing pieces before the season gets to the season .”
Your Piece Matters by Thomas McDaniels

“I can only give God each day and look to Him for direction, as I go about it.”
Plan vs. Purpose by Kimberly McKay

“The problem with American religion is it’s love affair
with “my safety, my security and my satisfaction” in the here and now . .
and consequently how little it asks of a Jesus-follower.”

Deconstructing My American Faith by David “JB” Miller

“Perhaps the hardest lesson in life
is that God is not subject to our time lines.”
Give Him Your Empty by David “JB” Miller

“Calling out groups as a whole is a poor substitute
for calling out individuals, starting with ourselves ..”
The Sunday After Dallas by David “JB” Miller

“Our hearts long for a depth of spiritual discernment
that will enable us to hear the voice of God and follow with certainty.”
Beyond the Happy Hallelujah by Michele Morin

“May we never miss the opportunity to accomplish
all God has in store for us because we fail to do as He asks.”
The Sin We Often Commit, but Rarely Recognize by Lynne Raatz

“Something beautiful can be cultivated in our hearts
from pursuing God first before pursuing what we want.”
The Gift of Waiting by Jennifer Watson

“Jesus’ pierced  body shows He sacrificed His life
in order to spend eternity with His bride ..”
Body Piercing – a Sign of Love? by Debbie Wilson

“We take the invisible marker of control and put its color on our world.”
Is Control your Drawing Tool? by Kristi Woods

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