Set Free

I have felt stuck before …

under siege in my own mind and soul. I have felt surrounded by fear, locked away with walls of shame high around me. I couldn’t get myself out and I didn’t know how to let help in.

So this line of David’s rings out of my own heart- for it was God alone who was my deliverer when the enemy closed in, trying to convince me that there was no hope of rescue. It was the unfailing love of Jesus that knocked over the barricades, His Light driving away the darkness. When I couldn’t reach Him, He came to me.


Maybe you have been trapped before, too? …

Maybe you know what it is to feel surrounded, all hope cut off? Maybe you have had a heart heavy with the condemnation and lies of the enemy?

If you have been there or if you are there now, weary with waiting and wanting – there is hope. His victory belongs to you, too. We call out and He is there, breaking the barriers and chains that hold us captive. Jesus speaks Truth and life into the wasted away and broken places : you are loved. You are worth more than you can even begin to imagine to Me. I call you by name because I know you. I have always known you. I have come that you can have life. I have come to set you free.

We are not abandoned and we do not accept defeat. Our savior is stronger than any barricade, any sin, every enemy.

He will come with mercy, salvation, life full and free.




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About the author : Christie Lambert

Christie Lambert

Christie Lambert is a southern writer who can usually be found doing laundry for her three kids and musician-husband, reading while she should be doing the other household chores, taking pictures of trees from weird angles, and trying to remember how to play an F# chord on the guitar. Through her words, she wants to share the unshakeable hope she has found in Jesus Christ. Every single day, she is amazed by His love. Christie’s works of fiction can be found in various literary magazines and she is a contributing writer for Christian Women Online. Her writing-home is

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