It’s better caught than taught.  Learning from good examples

Do you like the idea of being challenged personally?  When you read certain scriptures in the Bible that bring conviction do you either respond or react?  The scripture below could well be one of those types that are personally challenging.

But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry 2 Timothy 4:5

There are some varying opinions on what this scripture really means.  Some people believe that Paul was actually encouraging Timothy by reminding him not to lose his evangelistic zeal because he was actually performing the role of the pastor.  The evangelist J.John says that Paul was telling him to approach every facet of his ministry with an evangelistic edge.  While others have said that the challenge is not just for those in full-time ministry, but rather that it is for all Christians.

Key Point: Witnessing and personal evangelism doesn’t mean that you must behave in an over assertive manner by having a confident and forceful personality

The truth is that for some people the idea of doing the work of an evangelist by sharing their faith with their personal contacts and family, let alone strangers fills them with great fear.  Believing that they will have to behave in an over assertive manner by having a confident and forceful personality.

Experience also tells us that some people are of the opinion that evangelism is only about going street preaching, door knocking or pressuring people to come to church.

I believe that going onto the streets or even knocking doors with the good news is a very good thing when it is done well. I have done it many times.  But the truth is that personal evangelism doesn’t only have to be that way.  It can really be much easier, simpler and still be extremely effective when we employ a strategy that relies on the Holy Spirit.

Being prayerful, knowing what to say in general terms because you have practised, builds a degree of confidence.  It is even greater when we realise that the Holy Spirit will always help us when we step out in faith.

As an evangelist and trainer, I often meet with church leaders to discuss the way they view evangelism within their church.  Sometimes I will ask them what they have generally done to reach people over recent years.  Very often they will explain how the faithful few go to the marketplaces to start conversations with the shoppers or perhaps tell me about times when they have visited housing estates.  I often think that the reason I get answers like this is because the leader believes that is the main way that evangelism needs to be carried out.

Over the years of doing various outreaches, I have met people who are really gifted in the area talking to strangers on the streets, at work or even door to door.  However, I also know many people who find that area difficult.

I explain that it’s a good idea to employ a strategy that is simple but effective so that it breaks down the barriers of fear that some believers have. I have said many times that we are not all called to be evangelists.  But we are all commanded to be witnesses.

In recent years I have been concentrating on three specific and vital areas that Christians should be using to be witnesses for Christ.  The emphasis being that believer’s should prepare through practice on the three areas I have mentioned.  These are inviting somebody to church, sharing your testimony of salvation and explaining the gospel in an easy to understand method.

Paul said, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” 1 Corinthians 11:1.

Psychologists teach us that if we mirror or act in the same way as a good role model, we will start to get similar results.  When I read things like this I am reminded that scripture tells us in Ecclesiastes 1: 9 that, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Eminent psychologists believe that they have discovered new ways of communicating.  The fact that they miss is, that the Lord designed things to be that way anyway.

Furthermore, scientific studies have proven this to be true.  It has even been demonstrated that when people who lack self-confidence make the decision to adopt positive empowering body language and postures, their own levels of confidence actually improve.  I truly believe that Paul knew exactly what he was talking about.

In Christ, Paul and many others, we have outstanding examples follow.  There is also a very good chance that we will know people who are effective in inviting, sharing and testifying.  Spending time with them, watching and learning from what they do can only help us by building our confidence.

When we learn to act assertively as they do, by adapting our communication it means that we come across as friendly, approachable and able to express ourselves without being pushy, emphatic or even aggressive.  Being assertive doesn’t mean we have to act like the typical stereotype of a car salesman that approaches you with a huge grin on their face as soon as you set foot on their premises.

As a young sales manager, I was taught that if I spent some time working with someone who was successful with good standards that it would rub off on you.  The statement, “Its better caught than taught” is true.

Who do you know that could be a good role model you for you to follow?



About the author : Moray McGuffie

Moray McGuffie

I am an evangelist and author hoping to challenge and inspire Christians to share the Gospel through strategies that are simple, effective and above all Biblical. I have written two books, the first of which "A Fall From The Top" covers my journey to faith from being born into a showbiz family where my father was a violent alcoholic. In my teenage years I discovered martial arts and went on to become a professional instructor. Injury led me into the world of financial services where I climbed the corporate ladder only to fall from the top after traumatic period in business. My second book, "One to one witnessing for Christ ... made easy" cover simple and easy strategies that can be used to share the message of the Gospel. All are scripture based and have proven to a great benefit to readers. I travel the UK and internationally, preaching, teaching and sharing my testimony of Gods grace upon my life. He is amazing!

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