Embrace Mercy

Hosea could not believe his ears. “Go get her for Love’s Sake,” Mercy declared. Reasonings and reactions began to bubble up in his heart, her track record was not in anyway loyal. “She is unlovable and has been unfaithful and shared herself with other men, “ Hosea disputed. Hosea’s broken heart couldn’t be hid. Mercy paused as if to re-think what He had said. “We have all been disloyal and joined ourselves to another, serving and worshiping other gods; Go and purchase her,  for I have placed immeasurable value on her.” Stunned, Hosea let the words penetrate his heart. He had to look beyond Gomer’s history,  and her present state, and focus on what mercy saw – a hidden treasure. It didn’t make any sense he said to himself, anger caused his countenance to fall. “We all have fallen short, we are all guilty, put away your self righteousness and go get her for Love’s Sake,” Mercy exhorted. Hosea’s pointing finger at Gomer’s sin showed 3 fingers pointing back at himself. Hosea realized that murder, adultery, and lying were the fabric of his heart as well. Mercy broke through to Hosea’s heart, he shifted from sin conscious to “SON” conscious. He embraced mercy at that moment and chose to look beyond her faults and see her true need and potential. Hosea moved with purpose to go get his wife; he had received a love for her that wouldn’t let her go.

Focus on mercy – discover hidden treasure!

Hosea 3:1-3


About the author : Jason Moore

Jason Moore

Passionate about reaching people with the Gospel, Jason Moore has traveled extensively. Since age 16 he has been involved in mission work and discipleship among the former Soviet-bloc countries in eastern Europe, in Asia, in South America, as well as in the United States. He did his internship living for 7 years in the Ukraine, helping plant 5 churches that continue to thrive today under trained national leaders. A graduate with a Bachelor of Biblical studies from Maryland Bible College and Seminary, he faithfully serves in his local church, leading the Pastoral Care Team of Greater Grace World Outreach in Baltimore, MD. Together with his wife, Leah, and their son, they help disciple people to discover the riches of God’s grace. For more information please contact - Altarsflame@gmail.com

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