Called to Follow God

As I drove over the icy road, I felt the bitter cold

seeping through the car window, my eyes searching the snow-covered woods of Colorado. The temperature dropped into the mid-20’s and the sun kept getting lower in the sky.  Unsure of what I sought, but feeling like I was in the right place, I brought the car to a grinding stop.

My boots crunched through the snow as I entered the woods and walked toward the distant sounds of a creek rippling through the silence of the mountains.  Like a tractor beam pulling me in, I wanted to find the source of those sounds, but I didn’t know how to get there.

I stood hesitating. “Where am I supposed to go?” The question circled through my mind as I made my way further into the woods. I knew God wanted to draw me closer, but I didn’t see a path, trail, map or GPS. His invitation didn’t include directions.

I saw some holes poked through the top of the snow, no bigger than my thumb print.  Rabbit tracks.  I followed the trail to see where it led deeper into the woods.

These tiny footprints led me all over the woods.  I crouched to get under fallen logs, climbed uphill then slid downhill only to realize I was going around in a circle.

Eventually, the trail split in two directions like the top of a T. “Now which way do you want me to go?” The answer I received made me feel both frustrated and liberated.

I got to decide the path I wanted to take. I could follow the trail to the right, going back to my car where I could return to the warmth of the camp. Or, I could take the path to the left, heading downhill toward the sound of the creek and into the unknown. God left that decision up to me.  I wanted to pursue a deeper desire, bigger risk, and a more intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father, so I turned left to see where the path might lead.

I found my conversation with God following that rabbit trail.

As I followed the tracks in the snow, I realized that this experience illustrated what it felt like to follow the Holy Spirit.  Although I have an idea for the where I want my life to go, many times I feel like I’m moving in the opposite direction.  Just like getting lost in the woods, I think “I’m just walking around in circles.  I know I’ve seen that tree before.” My life hasn’t followed a straight path. It helps to remain confident in the One who is leading me.

Those questions persist even today. “Where am I going?  God, what do You want me to do?”  I find comfort when I reach an intersection, a decision point in my life, because I am offered an incredible opportunity. Right or left, God is with me.  In the warmth or in the cold, God will be with me.  I can follow the path with confidence knowing that He is beside me.

Where is He calling you to follow?

About the author : Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald

My name is Paul McDonald. I am a husband to Stephanie and father to a stepson, a daughter and 2 sons. I am a follower of Jesus, and I write to share the story of how He rescued my life, and restored my heart. Thank you for joining me in this epic adventure.

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