Plan vs. Purpose

‘In their hearts humans plan their course,
but the Lord establishes their steps.’
– Proverbs 16:9 –



Amen! …

If I hadn’t grasped this by now – I would be a wreck.

There’s only so much we can plan, prepare, or control. Without asking God for direction, it can get pretty dicey.

This past week I prayed, ‘Lord, show me your will. Prepare me.’

And not 10 minutes later, something changed drastically in my life. This ‘thing’ that changed could have been devastating in normal circumstances – but a peace washed over me. It was a direct answer to prayer.

Instead of getting upset – I embraced the change, anxious to see what he was preparing.

I can’t control my life. I can’t prepare for every outcome. I can only give God each day and look to Him for direction, as I go about it.

It’s okay to have a plan – but look to Him for your purpose!!




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Kimberly Mckay

As Marine brat, Kimberly has traveled the world over but grew up mostly in Hawaii, Japan, and Virginia. Her father's duty stations took them everywhere from Okinawa, Japan to half the continental U.S. Kimberly has been married for 16 wonderful years to her husband, Todd. They have a wonderfully creative 13-year-old boy, and two rescue dogs, Roxy, and Jewel. They all reside in Oklahoma City. Kimberly's first book, Finding Kylie, was published in 2008. It received numerous positive reviews and was converted into a screenplay, with the help of award-winning film producer, John Schwab. They're currently making their final edits before hitting the film market. Subsequently, she's released four more books: Facing Redemption, Coming Home, Saving Grace, and Second Chances. The first four of her books, including Finding Kylie, could be considered a series, yet they stand alone. Second Chances marks the first book to start with a new set of characters. Kimberly is currently working on her sixth novel, Endless Possibilities, which will release in 2018. Facebook page: Twitter: Instagram: Website:

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