The Top 20 (or so) Most Read & Most Quotable Cafe Posts

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Here Are The Ones That Caught the Most “Reads”
Over the Last Few Days


“Winning churches are incessantly tinkering
to try and improve what they do.”

Why Some Churches Win But Most Lose by Paul Alexander

“We serve a powerful, amazing Creator God
and He is worthy of unending praise.”

Don’t Tell Me Men Don’t Sing by Greg Atkinson

“I believe it’s my job as a parent
to instill the right prayer habits in my son.”

1 Habit Every Child Needs Before Becoming A Teen by Chris Baumgartner

“Heavenly Father, help me to walk believing and trusting in You!”
Walking in Belief by Lisa Buffaloe

“These 8 trends represent areas of consideration that you,
as the steward of your facilities, must become familiar with.”
8 HVAC Trends for Facility Management by Tim Cool

“He is preparing us, others and the circumstances around us
before He brings the answer…right on time.”
Good News While Waiting by Jeanne Doyon

“It’s okay to have different opinions,
challenge the system – and even the leader.”
8 Characteristics of People Who Don’t Fit Well on a Team by Ron Edmondson

“If you are following a religion, where is the fun in that?”
Is Love Winning in the Church? by Ashley Ferris

“Prayer warriors become great prayer warriors
by praying daily in the power of the Holy Spirit.”
Today I Will Be Great by Joyce Glass

“There is more than one way
to get to where we are supposed to be.”
Is Your Journey Taking an Unfamiliar Path? by Carmen Horne

“If you have time to criticize someone,
do something better with that time.”
Criticize Or Create: You Decide by Clayton King

“It’s the glory of the Lord that takes us
beyond the realm of our limited present.”
He That Seeketh Findeth…. by Bill Kraski

“He gave us gifts
so we can make a difference in the lives of others.”
Full Reward by Thomas McDaniels

“Keep it lively, be enthusiastic and keep it simple.”
Complicated, Complex and Convoluted by Moray McGuffie

“Precisely at those messy, gut-wrenching “God must be a million miles away” moments
is when He is closer than ever.”
Field Of Broken Dreams by David “JB” Miller

“He cares for us far beyond the level of care
we even extend to ourselves.”
“That” Question by David “JB” Miller

“We can rest assured that He is good, all the time.”
Pivot by Rebecca Morgan

“I struggle to trust God
with the everyday challenges of life.”
Confessions of a Controller by Maria Morgan

“When we put off praying for someone until later
we miss then opportunity for the Holy Spirit  to do an immediate work.”
I’m Praying For You by Teddy Ott

“God has an incredible way,
via Holy Spirit, of warning me ..”
Who’s That Walking on the Treetops? by Susan Shipe

“Jesus help me to love them
not as a means to an end, but just because.”
Justice by Linnea Stephens

“When we use our leadership mirror effectively,
team attitudes and performance improves.”
What Walmart Greeters Taught Me About Leadership by Charles Stone

“When we forgive others we experience true freedom.”
Why We Need to Forgive by Crystal Sutherland

“Even as we rightfully grieve,
will we trust that God is planting seeds of new life ..”
Honoring All Moms! by Pam Vredevelt

“Be the Coach and train them
how to work through disagreements ..”
10 Ways to Avoid Enabling Your Child by Lori Wildenberg

“So often conflicts are not about disagreement,
but lack of empathy.”
Active Listening by Jud Wilhite

“None of us have a pure view of God.”
The One Thing You Need to Know About Your Father by Debbie Wilson

“He will make his dwelling among us.”
What to Remember When Life Isn’t Going Your Way by Scott Wilson

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