Use The Wounds

The other day,
while in a conversation with other pastors …

I was reminded of a conference talk given a few years ago by Mark Driscoll. Regardless of what you think about Driscoll, what he said that day impacted me and everyone in the room deeply.

Driscoll took the stage, the crowd was amped up and cheering when he came out. His first words, in the deep, Driscoll growl, were in the form of a question, “Do you want God to use you greatly?” The crowed cheered.

He asked it again but louder, “Do you want God to use you greatly!?” The crowed cheered louder.

Then he paused.

“Then God must wound you deeply.” Hush. Quiet. Not even a whisper.

I will never forget those words …

During the conversation with other pastors when I was reminded of this talk, one them said something along the lines of “we have to decide as pastors if we will allow God to use our woundings.”

We all have our wounds. We all have our broken places and failures. But are we going to let God use them to disciple our people?

There is no question that God will use our woundings. In fact, I would say that I bet God could use those woundings better than the well thought out, presented, half made up pastor illustration we might tell.

God wants to use your woundings to grow you and to grow the people around you. Will you let Him?



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