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“Concord can credit its success to modeling –
or in some cases not adopting –
components of its small groups ministry
after several other congregations.”

Over 50% of Concord Church Adults in Small Groups by Warren Bird

“Oh how I want to get this! I want to remember Whose I am,”
Awe-Inspiring, Jaw-Dropping Equipped by Lisa Buffaloe

“There is no problem too big or too difficult for God.”
All We Need by Lisa Buffaloe

“When God wants to get our attention,
He will do everything in His power to get us to listen!”

This Is My Story by Tracey Casciano

“You must align before anything can move forward in your organization.”
The Importance of Alignment by Sam Chand

“Much of worry flows out of assuming
the very worst outcome of any situation.”

4 Ways Leaders Win the War on Worry by Scott Cochrane

“The beginning place of greater intimacy in our marriage
starts with our relationship with God.”

The Surprising Secret to Better Sex for Christians by Sue Detweiler

“Your story Is to align with God’s story.
God’s story is not to align with yours.”

25 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Risen The Movie by Brian Dodd

“God knows when our character is ready for promotion.”
Why You Never Win the Lottery…& Should be Glad About It! by Peter Haas

“Spiritual attacks are as real as God’s blessings are.”
5 Things You Need to Know About Spiritual Attacks by Pat Holbrook

“Our desire as followers of Christ is for the gospel to be proclaimed freely,
without government coercion or intervention.”

Many Elections … One Resurrection by Clayton King

“Our longing to return, to belong in a place like you used to…
is a shadow and a sign of the place we were all created for.”

Where I Belong by Clayton King

“The whole man has to be fed by the Word.”
Being Fed by Bill Kraski

“We have to understand and trust that God loves us,
in order to fully trust what’s said in the Bible.”

Being God Taught by Bill Kraski

“I want to talk about wild dreams
and brainstorm everything we need to do to make them happen.”

Confessions of an Extreme Extrovert by Cassie Littel

“People make assumptions about us according to the way we behave.”
Are you a credible witness? by Moray McGuffie

“I realized that all successful communicators  . . are repetitive.”
What Nickelback Can Teach You About Effective Messaging by Matt McWilliams

“Culture changers realize that it’s not the reality of the circumstance that defines them,
it’s the reality of the hope behind the circumstance.”

Authentic Glad by Gari Meacham

“Only God’s presence and power move the gospel forward.”
Chopped . . or Chosen: Who Defines Your Leadership Style? by David “JB” Miller

“To know Him means nothing else matters but to show Him . .
to lift Him up . . exalt Him . .magnify Him . . humbly thank Him.”

Whine Me?: THE Leadership Fail by David “JB” Miller

“Grace .. it so empties us of us.”
The First: A LifeLetter Unwind by David “JB” Miller

“Be the parent – model time management.”
Managing the Crazy Schedule of Parenting by Ron Moore

“It is the best instruction on prayer I have ever seen.”
Francois Fenelon: How to Pray by Ron Moore

“What if, instead of looking down in pity
on godly-good people who are suffering, we look UP.”

Look Up To The Broken Who Are Down by Heather Palacios

“Contentment only comes when one realizes He is more than enough.”
Contentment, The Greatest Gain by Susan Shipe

“We must talk about it and bring this tragedy
out of the shadows to help families heal.”

Have You Heard The News? by Pam Vredevelt

“I’ll walk in a blind faith knowing that God is ordering all of my steps,
even the uncertain ones. Even the ones I don’t like.”

What I Learned Out of The Spotlight by Jennifer Watson


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