The Greatest Threat to Your Marriage

This past week we remembered the events of 9/11. Even though the tragedy happened several years ago, most of us will never forget the images of those planes flying into buildings and people running for their lives.

On that day we realized that we were under attack. Terrorists flew our planes into our buildings right on our soil. It’s bad enough to fight a war in another country, but when the enemy is inside our gates that presents an unexpected and unsettling danger.

Foundational to the health of our country and our church is a small unit called the family, and there are many threats to its demise. Sex before marriage carries with it heavy and unhealthy baggage. Sex outside of marriage is like flying a plane right into our homes. Living together before marriage mocks the covenant of commitment. Divorce rips the family in two. Gay marriage attacks God’s design. The institutional powers of government, education and the media are trying to redefine the meaning of marriage and family. The family is under attack.


Do you know what the greatest threat to marriage is? The #1 threat to marriage is . . . YOU.


At the end of the day the president or congress will not determine the success of a marriage. I have never had a couple say, “We just got an order from the Supreme Court demanding that we divorce.” Hollywood will never send a letter to a couple saying, “You guys can’t seem to get along. Why don’t you just call it quits and try it again with another person?” The educational system cannot convince my children that the family is just fine with two moms or two dads. The greatest threat to your marriage is you, and until you and I own that hard truth, marriages inside the church will look the same as marriages outside the church.

In subsequent blogs I am going to consider the five essential elements of a successful marriage. Click here to order a new book on the cultural threats to marriage (divorce, cohabitation and homosexuality).

About the author : Ron Moore

Ron Moore

Ron Moore is the Senior Pastor of The Bible Chapel, a multi-site church in Pittsburgh, PA. He is also the host of The Journey where his teaching can be heard on 90 radio outlets and The Journey partners with Welcome the Children to support abandoned and orphaned children in Panama and Nairobi, Kenya. Ron grew up in Perry, Oklahoma where he met his wife, Lori. They have four children. A college athlete, Ron enjoys running, reading, and hiking. Ron holds a Th.M and D.Min from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Masters of Education from Texas A&M at Commerce. He has authored two books, Ignite and Journey through the Bible, a 365-day devotional. His daily devotionals and blogs can be found at

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