Find It Only Here On Friday: #Josh4Ever

Heather Letto considers herself but a “worker in the field”
with a desire to share truth through the art of good story.
In real life, she’s the proud mother of two grown sons and lives part-time
in Northern Illinois with her husband,
but scurries off to warmer climates when the mercury takes a dive on the thermometer.
Heather contributes to Tween Girls and God, WHOAwomen, Devotion Magazine,
The Fit Christian,and Swaga for Christ Ministry.

Heather is also an inspiring regular contributor (LifeWriter) here at LifeLetter Café
and is today’s featured contributor to “Find It Only Here On Friday.”
Her Café exclusive “#Josh4Ever” can be found below . . BUT FIRST . .
the Café thought you just might want to know how an Encouragement Leader like Heather Letto
has been encouraged in her own faith recently.

In her own words…

Ever feel like your world has just blown up all around you? Yep. Me too.

Little did I know when I first began this deep study in the Gospel Matthew,
that my Bestie, Josh (aka Jesus) was lovingly preparing me for some major refining fires.
Yet even in the midst of these present trials,
every morning as I open my bible and continue the study set before me,
His voice of guidance strengthens me…sharpens me… and steers me through this storm  

Because I’m still in the midst of my particular life explosion,
I can’t offer you a “Happily Ever After” ending.


However, I stand with full confidence that He will be faithful to deliver me.
Why? Because that’s ​​just the way He is!






Today’s Find It Only Here On Friday
by Heather Letto




I’m a casual, blue jeans and pony tail, type of gal …

A low maintenance, non-fru-fru, sing at the top of my lungs while tossing together a tuna casserole, plain-Jayne. Yep, that’s the truth. In all aspects of my life…including my relationship with Jesus. Oh, I know he’s Lord and King, and I certainly have the utmost reverence for our God. But you’ll never hear me praying with a “thee or thy”. Nah. My prayers are a bit less poetic and tad… earthier. Jesus wants ME—not some trumped up version of me—as his bride. So I keep it real.

Naturally, my writing voice uses that same American-made-cotton informality. My first allegorical fiction series for young adults attests to that. And, the new blog I’ve fashioned is my forever-in-blue-jeans approach to sharing the gospel.


(Josh 4 Ever? Gasp! Did she really just call our Lord and savior Josh?)

Yes, she did. And here’s why (via my first posting)…

.~ . ~.


I am Viv. My son is Viv.

Well, not really. My son’s name is Michael and my name is Heather. But we call each other Viv.

All of the time.

So, here’s how it happened. Viv (aka Mike) was born Michael Spencer. Which, by the time he was old enough to walk, progressed into Mikey. And when Mikey and I laughed and had fun together in his toddler years, I would cry out “I love you, Bubby-Boo.” Naturally, after several hundred times of declaring him my Bubby-Boo, the name evolved.

Into Bubby.

And then Bub.

And, Bub stuck. Through his grade school and high school years, to me he was Bub.

But as you know, in college everything changes.

I was tired and mumbling my words when I picked up my phone that day. Maybe I’d just woken up, when he called. Not sure. What I do remember, however, is that my lips and tongue weren’t at peak state of operation. I sort of mumble-slurred, “Hey Bub.”

“Um, did you just call me Viv?” He asked.

Viv?” I laughed. “No, I said Bub.”

“Oh. Okay, Viv.” he answered.

“No really, Viv. I said Bub.” I assured him.

We sparred like that for a few more minutes before moving on to our conversation. However, from that day forward, I became Viv. And so did he.

Is he still Michael Spencer? Of course. And if I ever get mad enough at him, I might just call him that. (Probably not, however, because now he is a grown man and so when I’m REALLY mad, I call him Vivian.)




Name progressions. They happen all the time …

Josh was no different. His name originally began as Yehoshua. (Seriously, a very close match to the name Joshua, right?) Over time, His name (of Hebrew origin) was shortened to Yeshua. Later, when folks of other tongues (specifically Greeks), began to dialog about him, Yeshua was loosely translated to Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous). From Greek, it was translated into Latin. And finally to English to become Jesus.  (For you etymology freaks–like me– here’s the link (link: to an unabridged version of the name progression.)

I’m not really sure what his Mom called little Yehoshua when he was running around underfoot. Hosh? Hoshy? Boo-boo?  Little Boo? I can guarantee you one thing. She didn’t call him Jesus. (Ehem… she didn’t speak English.)


To me… He’s Josh …

Do I find that to be irreverent? Probably no more so than calling him Jesus, IMHO.

I know that many, many painful things in this world have been done while wrongly using the name of Jesus. (He’ll discuss that with the offenders at another time.)

However, regardless of what some misguided hearts have done (in his name) over the years, Josh hasn’t changed. He’s still the greatest man in history. And my friend.

I really want to introduce you to him. And, like I said in the previous post, He’s been asking about you.

Can you lay down your preconceived notions of Jesus and allow me to offer a proper introduction to Josh?


. ~ ~ .



This blog is a very, casual walk through the Gospel of Matthew …

(Think “The Message” on steroids.) And, we walk slowly (only a few verses at a time.) Maybe a nonbeliever will meet Yehoshua for the first time. Maybe a believer will begin to understand His story with more clarity. That part isn’t up to me. My mission is simply to be who I am and share the truth,

Care to join me? Consider this your personal invite.







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About the author : Heather Letto

Heather Letto

Heather considers herself but a worker in the field with a desire to share Gospel truth through the art of good story. In real life, she’s the proud mother of two grown sons and.lives with her husband in a constant state of flux as full time RV'er!

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