7 Questions Sunday: Joyce Glass & iNeed God

LifeLetter Cafe LifeWriter Joyce Glass is a writer
and lover of God’s word even more than chocolate!
It excites her to share stories of how others are living with passion for Christ
and dig up treasures from God’s word.

It is also Joyce’s desire through her blog, her Bible studies and speaking ministry
to encourage you to walk closer to God, dig deeper in your faith,
pray in earnest daily for God to teach you His ways,
and serve Him right where you live and work now.

The Cafe is excited to announce that Joyce has just released
a 90 day discipleship-focused Bible Study, iNeed God.
As to the primary focus of the study, find an overview here In her own words,

Do you want more?
Do you want more power in your life? Do you want more peace in the storms?
Do you want to know Christ more personally?
Do you want to know the Bible better, but find it hard to engage?
Do you wonder if God cares or if He is even listening?

iNeed God is a 90 day journey to inspire new believers and mature Christians
into a deeper relationship with Christ. We can know Christ like we know our best friends.
God desires to know YOU!

So LifeLetter Cafe is excited to share this recent interview with Joyce
to learn more about the story behind iNeed God.
Enjoy her answers below in the latest 7 Questions Sunday!

Today’s 7 Questions

LifeLetter Cafe: What was the motivation behind writing “iNeed God”?

Joyce Glass: iNeed God came from a couple of motivations. First, as a teen and young adult I struggled to make time for God a priority. Then I became a mom and resolved to make it a top priority. I wanted to be a better mom and wife. I still do!  The closer I drew to God, He began to clean up the dirty and dark places of my heart.  I did not need to live in shame for the many things I knew were wrong. God forgave me completely and I felt His unconditional love in a deep way I had never known before. Over many years God transformed my heart and mind. It became my desire to help others understand the importance of living a life for God. I wanted everyone to know the joy and peace I feel being in an intimate relationship with God.

Second, I went to a conference about revival. God struck me with this point while I was there. Revival is not a one-time event we attend at a church or conference. It is a continual growing in our relationship with the Lord, for Him to continually renew our hearts and minds to be like His.  When we have personal revival, we can make more of an impact on bringing others to Christ than we can by any other means. They see how God is moving in us, and are drawn to us. We are more aware to of who is ready to talk about Christ.

Third, it is my desire for the believer who has strayed from God can come back home by taking the 90 day journey closer to Him. As well as, for the non-believer who may be wondering who God is, and how can they find Him.

This is a great tool to  use with new believers.  They can go on the faith walk through the book from rebellion and repentance to surrender and obedience which grows our desire to grow closer to God through prayer and service to Him.

LifeLetter Cafe: Your study focuses on spiritual intimacy – when in your own journey did you feel most disconnected in your faith?

Joyce Glass: During my college years and when I was first married I struggled with staying intimate with Christ. I was married at 20 while still going to college. I worked and attended college at the same time. There were long days and lots of studying. I look back now and wonder how I did it all. I don’t think I could keep up the pace now. My spiritual life was very sporadic. I never stopped believing in God, but I did not rely on His power to help me.

LifeLetter Cafe: What are some of the greatest obstacles to spiritual intimacy with God?

Joyce Glass: This is an excellent question. We are all different, and what is an obstacle for me may not be for you. There are some universal obstacles many of us deal with. Then there are some which are more personal.

3 of the most Universal Obstacles:

1) Busyness. Just as I mentioned in question #2. The busier my life gets the easier it can be to push God to the side and take over. Some seasons of life are busier than others. Life will happen, babies are born, parents fall ill, or you may be continuing your education as an older adult.

2) Laziness. Not making God a priority in your life.  I believe there are millions of Christians who go to church each week. Love God. Know about God, but are not living for Him. They choose to not make Him a priority, because it is easier to do nothing than to pursue God.

3) Believing Lies of this world and from the enemy. In Romans 1:25 Paul states, “They traded the truth about God for a lie.” The enemy is wickedly crafty at spinning God’s truth until we believe his lies. The further away you are from Christ the easier it is to twist His word.

However, be warned. When you start to seek God fervently and do His plans, the enemy loves to undermine you and attack you too. I  have been attacked this way.  It is very important to have people who pray for you often. We hold each other up in the spiritual battle by praying for their protection from the enemy.

Some Lies we believe:

  • God can’t use me, because I am too damaged.
  • I don’t have any gifts God can use.
  • I go to church on Sunday. Life is good. I am a good Christian or person.
  • We focus on what we think “God” should give us, and don’t think God cares about us when He does not make things better for us.


Then there are obstacles we may face differently, because of life circumstances. I have had a personal relationship I have dealt with for many years. I struggled to believe it could ever change for His good. God pointed this out to me last year.  I have a strong belief in Him, but when it comes to this situation I really struggled to believe God was going to change the situation. It hit me hard when I realize I was struggling with belief. I prayed the prayer, “I believe in You. Help me with my unbelief.”

God knows my heart, and He knows yours. Be honest with Him. He is a Big God and can handle our doubts, fears, and confusion when we take it to Him. He is our Abba Father or also known as our Daddy God. He loves us, and just wants us to bring all our hurts and struggles to Him. When we do, we give Him a chance to show us His amazing power.

The relationship I have struggled with for so long is not completely better, but is in a much better place than it has ever been. Only God could heal this wound. Only God can fill the cavity of love we so desperately need and want from those who are closest to us.

“Someone is watching you to see how you handle life.
You can be a light by simply being You.”
– Joyce Glass –

LifeLetter Cafe: What are some of the most dramatic early responses from your readers?

Joyce Glass: The best one came from Steve. He is a friend of Tony Adams from the Week 2 interview. Steve and Tony used to run around together partying and drinking it up. I don’t remember exactly why Tony shared my book with him, but he did. God had started working in Steve’s life with another couple who had friended him, and was witnessing to Him. I had the privilege of being a small part in Steve making a huge decision to follow Christ, and turn his life around. This has not been an easy road for Steve. God promised an abundant life, but that does mean it is an easy life.

Letting go of our past can feel like ripping a band-aid off a fresh and deep wound. You lose friends, you lose your way, because you are not sure exactly what you are supposed to do or where you are to go now.

Steve and I have connected on Facebook, and chat every now and then to see how he is doing. I love to see God moving in people’s lives you would NEVER think would turn to God.

LifeLetter Cafe: What is perhaps your favorite portion of the book?

Joyce Glass: Oh, this is easy to answer! Week 9 is the iGrow chapter. I give four challenges to the readers in this week. To me this is some of the best meat in the whole book. This is where an intimate relationship with God can grow beyond your imagination. These are some of the things I have done through the years to grow my relationship with Christ.

My favorite challenge I give is for the reader to journal for 30 days. Many people forget the power in writing your thoughts out. It has been proven we free up the creative space in our brain by dumping out all of those random and crazy thoughts running through our head.

After I had my son, I went through this phase of trying to find out the true meaning God had for my life. I felt He wanted me to do something, but I was not sure what. I had some baggage in my life I needed to deal with, and I started journaling my prayers as a way to work through the pain and the emotions I had been through. I had been so “busy” all those years working and going to school, it was like my brain finally had time to process what I had been through.

It was during this time I felt the call to write, but only pursued it half-heartedly. I took many different paths until finally God clearly spoke to me again after a season of pain and turmoil in my life. I had a clear calling from God to write and speak. All because I became still and listened to God. There were many tears and months of frustration, but God answered my cries in His timing. He knew what I needed and when.

My life is in another form of transition too. My only son goes of to college in August, and my husband and I are being transferred to a new town. We are excited and a little nervous about the unknowns of the future.  However, I can see God’s hand moving us. I look forward to the next phase of our life! If I make it through the preparing a home to sell phase!

LifeLetter Cafe: How has God deepened your faith through this project?

Joyce Glass: Wow, I was stretched beyond my imagination. I was pushed and I persevered. This was my first book, and I am now working on my third book. Through this project I dug into His word more each day, and found little nuggets of gold I had never noticed before.  I love the Living Word, because you can read the same passage 100 times to find something new multiple times.

My faith and confidence grew. God is more powerful than I can comprehend. I learned no matter how bad I can be God will still love me! Not more Not less. He will always completely love me. This is something to definitely sing and write about!

LifeLetter Cafe: What positive takeaways can small groups who use this study expect?

Joyce Glass:

  • The power of prayer can move mountains you never imagined.
  • God can use the most unlikely people to work out His plans. Drug addicts, former lesbians, and women who felt they didn’t need God. If He can use these people to grow His kingdom, then He can surely use YOU!
  • God has a plan for You!  You do not need to be a writer, speaker, teacher or preacher to be used by God.  You can serve the homeless.  You can help with the children or the elderly. You and facilitate a Bible study. You serve God in your home or many other ways. First step is to be in intimate relationship with Him. Ask Him to guide you.  He will.
  • The power of community. Meeting together in small groups or in corporate worship with other believers is another way to grow your relationship. People are watching You whether You know they are or not. You are a leader no matter if you are on the stage or off. Someone is watching you to see how you handle life. You can be a light by simply being You.
  • There are many ways to spend time with God.  They are not all about sitting down with your Bible and reading the word and praying. These are important ways, but these are not the only ways to communicate with God. I share many different ways to spend time with God.

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