7 Questions Sunday: Wendy Blight & I Know His Name

LifeLetter Cafe LifeWriter Wendy Blight is a member of the Proverbs 31 Ministries’
First 5 Writing Team and serves as the Proverbs 31 On-Line Bible Study
Small Group Ministry Training and Development Coordinator.
She is a national speaker, Bible teacher, attorney and author.

Wendy most enjoys helping women, through Bible study,
gain confidence so that they can tackle life’s problems through God’s Word.
Wendy has been a featured guest on Oprah Radio, the 700 Club,
Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey, Revive our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss,
and Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman.

Wendy’s favorite place to be is at home in Charlotte, North Carolina
writing and enjoying time with her husband, Monty,
and their two children, Lauren and Bo.

The Cafe is excited to learn and share that Wendy has just released
her latest Bible Study I Know His Name: Discovering Power In The Names of God
which will be featured in the next Proverbs 31 Bible Study Class which begins March 7th!

As to the purpose behind I Know His Name
find an overview here In Wendy’s own words,

I Know His Name is a Bible study for any woman who wants to move beyond
simply knowing about God to really knowing God in a very personal way.

Join me as I teach how the very names of God reveal His character and heart. This study will help women:

  • Realize their infinite worth as they explore the nature of the God who created and formed them.
  • Live with bold assurance that their God is a personal God who sees them, hears them, and knows them by name.
  • Walk confidently in knowing both who they are and Whose they are.
  • Arm themselves with seven tools to pray more confidently and effectively in any situation or circumstance.
  • Transform their walk with Jesus as they discover how He fulfills the Old Testament names of God.

So LifeLetter Cafe is excited to share this recent interview with Wendy
to learn more about the story behind I Know His Name.
Enjoy her answers below in the latest 7 Questions Sunday!


Today’s 7 Questions



LifeLetter Cafe: Why are so many Jesus-followers unacquainted with the names of God?

Wendy Blight: Many of us know the familiar names … God, Jesus, Father. We also recognize a few more names from our favorite worship songs … Prince of Peace, Immanuel, El Shaddai. But they don’t begin to scratch the surface of the many magnificent names of God that are awaiting us in the pages of His Word. Without intentionally studying the Bible, digging deeply into the Old Testament, we aren’t going to find them. We have to immerse ourselves in the glorious stories of old to discover the truths and promises found in God’s many magnificent names.

LifeLetter Cafe: Where did this passion for creating Bible studies first begin?

Wendy Blight: Twelve years ago, my dear friend and now Proverbs 31 ministry partner, Lisa Allen, came alongside me to start a Bible study. About a dozen women signed up. Today, God has grown that study to over 100 women! A few years into the study, I decided to step out in faith and write a study on the book of Ephesians because I couldn’t find one that fit with what I wanted the ladies to glean from the book. And that ignited a passion and initiated this journey that I’m still on today.

LifeLetter Cafe: How have you been especially challenged/inspired in creating the “I Know His Name” study?

Wendy Blight: For the first time ever, I committed to study, really study, the Old Testament because it’s where we find the majority of God’s names. Honestly, that intimidated me. At the time, I was much more comfortable in the New Testament and the familiar names of Jesus.

In the Old Testament, I encountered names I couldn’t pronounce. Unearthed hard stories that challenged my faith. Discovered Hebrew words I had to decipher. Yet, the deeper I dug, the more passionate I became.

After months of studying dozens of God’s magnificent names, I had to narrow it down to eight for “I Know His Name”. It was hard. But God is already showing me why He laid those names on my heart. Even in these early interactions with readers. God is busily at work in their hearts through those eight glorious names.


“Teaching women to be not only confident
but also comfortable with prayer is important to me.”
– Wendy Blight –


LifeLetter Cafe: Tell us more about the importance of knowing “… who we are and Whose we are”

Wendy Blight: Elohim, God our Creator, loves us unconditionally and with an everlasting love that is incomprehensible. He knew our names before we took our first breath. And despite the depths of our sin and depravity, He predetermined to make a way to free us from it. Before time began, He chose His Son, Jesus, to save us and redeem us. And Jesus willingly said yes. Their love for us love costs us nothing, yet it cost them everything. This is Whose we are.

God created us in His image. We share, though imperfectly and finitely, God’s nature. He imparted in each one of us His identity, emotions, creativity, wisdom, love, holiness, and justice. God handcrafted us and gifted each of us with spiritual gifts and distinct talents. He created us for a special purpose that only we can fulfill for the Kingdom. This is who we are.

Knowing and believing these truths brings significance, purpose, and value into our lives. Walking confidently in and living out these truths brings glory to the King of kings and magnifies His Name.

LifeLetter Cafe: Okay – so which chapter has come to be your favorite – why?

Wendy Blight: I truly cannot choose. When I started researching “I Know His Name,” I was familiar with a few of God’s names. As for the others, I knew only the name and had no idea where to find it in the Bible.

As I read and researched, what amazed me is how God had been interacting in my life through these names for years, but I had no idea! I looked back and could see Him working in my life through the truths and promises accompanying a particular name. Now when I’m in a certain situation, or praying for someone walking through a difficult time, I know what name of God to call on and the Scriptures and promises that accompany that name. And that is the gift I want to give to others who walk through this book with me!

LifeLetter Cafe: What kind of feedback are you receiving from this newest study?

Wendy Blight: Here are some sample responses …

  • This study hits at the heart of true identity. It strips away all that the world uses to entice and introduces us to the One God who is true. Getting to know who He really is allows us readers to get to know who we truly are.
  • Wendy has a unique way of teaching that helps me reach into my heart and rediscover who I am.
  • I haven’t finished reading the book because I keep going back & digging deeper. That’s what your books do for me Wendy. They make me hungry for more of His Word, they make me want to understand them better; they make me want to get them into my heart. You teach so very well. You create a deeper need to understand better.
  • A beautiful study in getting to know the character of God more intimately through each of His names
  • Wendy Blight has an undeniable God given gift for teaching God’s Word. In the pages of “I Know His Name,” I have not only learned God’s precious names but also my relationship with Him has delved to a deeper level.
  • Knowing God’s Names and what they mean gives me a more intimate relationship with Him.
  • In Chapter 2 Wendy shares 7 steps to prayerfully go through when you are in a place of despair. Honestly, I think these 7 steps need to be in place through every circumstance of my life.
  • I am very grateful to Wendy for writing this book. She opens herself up personally and shares her heart in her words so it’s easy to connect to her and learn from her.

LifeLetter Cafe: What can readers/students who use your study expect in how this may revolutionize the focus and confidence with which they pray?

Wendy Blight: Opening our prayers and praying with the God’s names enables us to pray more specifically and call upon the specific attributes, truths and promises of God that accompany that name. Teaching women to be not only confident but also comfortable with prayer is important to me. In “I Know His Name,” I share seven tools to help women pray more confidently and effectively in any situation or circumstance.





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