The Top 20 (or so..) Most Quotable Cafe Posts

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“If we could stop ourselves for a few minutes out of each day,
God promises to keep us in perfect peace.”

Keep Your Mind Focused on God by Carlton Arnold

“The pain here in this world is only temporary, our suffering short.”
Finding Rest In Hope by Jelise Ballon

“God hears our cries. He intervenes. He answers prayer.”
I Know His Name – El Roi by Wendy Blight

“Destroy in me anything that steals my affection for You.”
My Prayer For 2016 by Wendy Blight

“At the very time I felt abandoned by God, He had raised up believers to pray.”
Praying To God Our Promise-Keeper by Wendy Blight

“Fight for ways to be flexible it creates space for creativity.”
How To Build Equity In Your Organization by Stephen Brewster

“God still rescues us—and this is from the inside out.”
Inside-Out Thoughts by Rachel Britton

“God’s deliverance is life and resurrection in the midst of pain.”
Deliverance by Lisa Buffaloe

“What if we stopped wishing and hoping for luck to change our lives?”
What’s Luck Got Do With It? by Tracey Casciano

“We need The Potter’s hand to repair the cracks in our lives.”
Broken by Shelly Hollis

“I am more at peace in the unknowns of God’s plans,”
The Awkward Traveler by Sharon R. Hoover

“I don’t ever want to become uncomfortable with someone who doesn’t meet my standards.”
The Alabaster Box by Bill Kraski

“in our effort to understand prayer we sometimes end up bullying God.”
The Truth About Prayer by Gari Meacham

“While trying to achieve great things for God,
we are first called to a kind of surrender where He can do great things in us”
First . . In His Hands by David “JB” Miller

“Going after God should be evident by a generosity the world really can’t comprehend.”
Push or Pull? – Generosity 10.0 by David “JB” Miller

“Everyone needs to come to a “crisis of the soul” moment
where working for faith is replaced once and for all by working from faith.”
3 Things Every Christian Leader Should Be Praying . . Everyday by David “JB” Miller

“Let God love you out of the despair of depression and loneliness.”
Hearts Cry by Jason Moore

“The mission helps a couple begin their relationship in harness together.”
Marriage Mission Statement by Ron Moore

“I’m so grateful for the early lesson of looking to God’s Word for direction ”
Take Your Stand by Dawn Morris

“There’s more to this word, persevere, than I first thought.”
Persevere – My One Word for 2016 by Laura Rath

“Breathe deep and know, God is at work . . all the time.”
The Armor of God by Laura Rath

“He wants you to dance again. He wants you to live again.”
Where’s Your Harp? by Susan Shipe

“Authentic ministry requires one version of you.”
Why Pastor’s Crumble by Geoff Surratt

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David "JB" Miller is founder and author at LifeLetter Ministries. He and his wife Cheri make their home in beautiful Paradise Valley, Arizona and have six children and six grandchildren they absolutely adore.

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