The Top 20 (or so..) Most Quotable Cafe Posts

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“Bring your dancing shoes not your boxing gloves
to your family gatherings.”
How to Handle the Not-So-Merry Moments of Christmas! by Kurt Bubna

“The Creator came to save creation.
Boundless became bound. Glory became flesh.”

A Christmas Message by Lisa Buffaloe

“We can relax in His hands, relying on Him,
and relishing the fact we are forever loved.”

Happy Re-New Year! by Lisa Buffaloe

“I love nothing more than watching the Word take root in a heart
and showing up in beautiful and surprising ways.”

Shaken by Suzie Eller

“Christian culture standards
often mirror our celebrity culture.”

Change the Way You Seek Happiness by Marlena Graves

“Shackeled by my own hands,
I carried burdens Jesus never intended.”

Renee “P.” Griffin: Perfectly Imperfect by Renee Griffin

“Do not mourn over your sketchy past or your not-so-perfect circumstances.
God will write your testimony using those very things.” by Shelly Hollis

“if you are in step with God, focusing on others,
it can be a year of God-honoring, faith-building, light-shining progress.”

It’s Still OK to Make Resolutions by Christa Hutchins

“We can’t ever forget the rest of the package.
It all brought us into a real relationship with God.”

To You Is Born Today… by Bill Kraski

“Most miracles show up in the form of a challenge.”
Unwrapping Faith in the First Christmas by Thomas McDaniels

“I meet many individuals who really want to share the Gospel
but feel unable to due to low confidence.”

Prepared or unprepared? by Moray McGuffie

“A deep sense of awe about who God is
leads to the true knowledge and wisdom we desperately need.”

Name Above All Names–Alpha and Omega by Beth Miller

“Jesus is alive, he has come and is coming again!”
grace came down… by Beth Miller

“God has little use for our religion because at it’s core and on it’s best day
it amounts to little more than demonstration at the expense of restoration . .
especially restoration with God Himself . . and each other.”

Push or Pull? – Life Beyond Impure Religion by David “JB” Miller

“Where the gospel bus goes careening off a cliff
is the forgetfulness or avoidance of the reality that our salvation cost God’s Son everything
and the cost is no cheaper for you and I.”

Push or Pull? – Consider The Cost by David “JB” Miller

“This is about books I read
that had the most personal impact on me, my thinking, my heart.”

My Top Books of 2015 by Matt Mitchell

“My heart breaks for those around me
who are in the midst of grief, illness, and uncertainty in a myriad of different challenges.”

Merry or Messy, I Pray Your Christmas is Blessed by Laura Naiser

“When I sought answers in people
I inherited the approval of others instead the approval of God.”

Only The Wise by Teddy Ott

“I need the reminder that God is at work,
no matter what I can see and not see.”

God is Not Bound by One Word by Laura Rath

“Let’s make 2016 the year of purpose, intention, and graced discipline,
and, let’s make a difference for the Kingdom!”

2016 – so, now what? by Susan Shipe

“A vision without action is just an hallucination.”
When You Feel Stuck by Stephanie Shott

“Fears are sometimes bigger than our capability to handle them.”
Overcoming Chronic Fear by Stephanie Wilkins


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