The Cookie Girl and Serving God

Cookie Girl

Have you ever had something as simple and seemingly insignificant as a cookie take you back in time?  I have.  

There I was, pushing my cart down the aisle of my local grocery store  when I came upon these lovely little cookies, prominently displayed, to entice the Valentine shoppers.  Suddenly, I was back in my Kindergarten classroom.  The year was 1965.

My hands were folded on top of my desk.  I was sitting up straight and tall. I was displaying my very best behavior but on the inside I was about to burst!

“Pick me”!  “Pick me”!

My teacher stood in front of the classroom holding a basket full of pieces of paper, each one inscribed with the name of a kindergartener.  A student stood next to her, ready to reach in and draw out a name.

“Pick me”!  “Pick me”!  “Please, please, please, pick me”!

The previous cookie girl reached her hand into the basket and drew out a name.  My teacher read the name out loud.

“Oh, please, let it be me”!

“Kim Edwards!  You are the  cookie girl for tomorrow”!

Yes!  Joy above all joys!  This meant that I would get to go to the grocery store with  my parents and pick out cookies to take to my class the next day.  Now, I was not content to provide your ordinary, run of the mill cookies.  No Oreos, Vienna cookies or chocolate chips for this girl.  I would head straight to the Danish Bakery and pick out the fancy little tea cookies, starburst shaped with blue candy centers.

The following day, I would proudly walk into my classroom carrying a little white box full of dainty tea cookies.  I would get to draw the name of the next cookie boy or girl and then impatiently wait until it was my turn again a few weeks later.

This made me consider how I respond to serving the Lord.  Am I saying to God “pick me!, pick me!, yes, I’ll do that, I’ll go there, I’ll talk to that person, I’ll write that.  I’ll do whatever you ask; please, oh please, pick me”.  Or, do I see the opportunities to serve God that are placed before me as a chore. 

Its a question of perspective.  Do I get to serve the Lord? or Do I have to serve Him?  How about you?

I heard the Lord’s voice saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? 

Then I said, Here am I; send me.   Isaiah 6:8 (W)

About the author : Kim Wilbanks

Kim Wilbanks

Kim is a wife and mother of two adult children who left the nest and landed in different states. Her blog Kim Wilbanks – Feathering My Empty Nest focuses on the ups and downs of adjusting to that empty nest. Her “baby”, a faithful corgi named Higgins helps. Kim is involved in her local church as a MOPS Mentor Mom and a student of Precepts Bible Studies. She also enjoys traveling with her husband.

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