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“I’ve shopped, eaten my favorite foods, watched shows on television,
even sat with my family. But I still can’t find my joy.”

Have you seen my joy? It’s missing! by Lisa Buffaloe

“Be ready for a process in recovering from burnout, not a transaction.”
5 Questions You Need To Ask About Burnout by Scott Couchenour

“I love nothing more than watching the Word take root in a heart
and showing up in beautiful and surprising ways.”
Shaken by Suzie Eller

“Thinking about God and rejoicing in the Lord
will draw us into that heavenly conversation with Him.”
Reason for Thanksgiving by Bill Kraski

“When I changed, I changed big time.
Many of the things that attracted me in my old life now had lost their lustre,”
The Least Likely Missionary by Bill Kraski

“We have a mission . . it’s bigger than coming to church . .  it’s being the church.”
One Pastor’s Passion by Thomas McDaniels

“Never be tempted to compromise the message so that it becomes more palatable.”
Is the Gospel simply black or white? by Moray McGuffie

“Thousands – even millions of people … will go through their entire lives
and never find Christmas because they are simply too fixated
on constructing a God who is wrapped around their own personal and oh so selfish agenda.”
Finding Christmas: Choosing Give Over Take by David “JB” Miller

“Human nature universally has always distanced itself from
the difficult, the unresolved, the dangerous and barricaded itself
with layer after layer of self-serving ‘like’.”
Finding Christmas: Choosing Love Over Like by David “JB” Miller

“When your lust for platform trumps your lifestyle of praise, you are set up for a big surprise!”
Finding Christmas: Choosing Praise Over Platform by David “JB” Miller

“Live life in the innocence of a child,
eave all complications of trying to figure it all out or trying to control each component behind.”
Cultivate Wonder by Jason Moore

“I’ve been encouraged to trust in the Lord completely
and stop trying to do things in a way that makes sense to me”
Doing Life God’s Way by Maria Morgan

“In the midst of plenty, we have a famine of Biblical understanding.”
Faith Pleases God And Blesses Us by Dawn Morris

“We can ask for grace, but the moment we think we deserve it, it is no longer grace.”
Grace Alone by Laura Rath

“I realized how I had squashed her enthusiasm, and all I wanted to do was shout ‘Do over!'”
Do Over! Laura Rath

“At the end of the day successful multisiting is not about sermon delivery (video vs in-person teaching),
location, facility, technology or funding –
the critical success factor is the campus pastor.”
What Makes A Great Campus Pastor? by Jim Tomberlin


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David "JB" Miller is founder and author at LifeLetter Ministries. He and his wife Cheri make their home in beautiful Paradise Valley, Arizona and have six children and six grandchildren they absolutely adore.

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